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Drugs & their Effects on Communicating with Spirit Discussion
By Lune

Hello all, I haven't been around for a long while, not least because I was trying to figure out whether I was going to keep living, or if it was my time to die. I got that figured. I am here to stay for a good while now!

But part of the keeping on living bit involved a lot of pain, a week in hospital and emergency surgery. And all that week I was constantly on morphine for the pain. Mostly oral, a bit muscle injected and a bit intravenous (an experience I won't forget in a hurry. erk)

But it had a weird effect. All through this stuff, I had really clear guidance. Like I mean the morning of the operation I had Spirit - or as I think of Spirit, the Goddess (my goddess!) standing by my bed and telling me very clearly all this stuff. And again when I was on intravenous antibiotics. (Another weird experience!) But by the same token, I could feel lots of stuff unravelling in me. Like the morphine makes you super detached, and with the detachment comes an unwinding of ... constructs I had built up through my life, both good and bad.

Anyway. It was a week ago I came home. Been on codeine up until the last day or so, which has its own weird effect. But there was a day where I felt awful. Like nothing had any meaning in my life, or related to any other bits. Again, like everything was detached from everything else. I think it must have been withdrawal, from what an ex psychiatric nurse told me once.

And then, this is the even weirder bit. Today I did a mini reading for a friend of mine. The guide that was helping me was one who I can hear crystal clear, and have done for most of my life. He is Maori and when channeling I start sliding into a kiwi accent.

But I couldn't hear him! I could see him, and get a few pictures and a bit of sense of what he wanted to say. But it was a charade of guessing. Nod head when getting warm. Shake head when guess wrong.

What happened? He seemed to think it was the Morphine, that it had somehow unwound the construct of the channel for me to hear him that we had built up over the years. I guess the visuals were a deeper, more innate connection. I tend to be strongly visual. So it seemed that the hearing is something we have worked on that I have built a bridge to do, and the morphine took that away - and a lot of other stuff too, like I said, good or bad. Kai - my guide - was quite serene about it. I think he is perfectly confident there is nothing in this world or any other that can interfere with our communication for long. I guess I just have to rebuild the construct.

But does anyone have any similar experiences?

Does anyone have any light to shed on my experiences?
And was Spirit/the goddess so clear all through it because of the drugs or just... because I was walking close to the Otherworlds?
And what about this strange unravelling of things. Like... old patterns of stuff. Was that gonna happen with an experience like that anyway - talk about a shaman's death!!! was the morphine just helping it along? or was the morphine incidental?

I would love to hear if anyone has experiences that might help me understand my own.

Jimmy WhiteBear:
My experience with narcotics is somewhat limited, I was one to use amphetamines. Anyways, no matter what the drug, drugs have a tendency to block all communication with the spirits. My experience with Narcotics, it seemed all I had to do was think about something and the picture of it would appear in my mind’s eye. I later learned that what I was experiencing was called "Opium Dreams". Basically an opium induced hallucination.

All the drugs prevented me from understanding any communication from the spirits and because of that, I denied any communication at all. Actually, what communications came through really scared the hell out of me. Of course back then everything scared me. I am careful today when I have to take meds of any kind. I don't let myself get so disconnected.

Glad you’re feeling better and you will open to the spirits more as the drug leaves the body.

Good Morning Lune.
I also am very glad you are better.
In reading your story I have to believe in the Spirit theory more than the drug theory myself.
I am just one who more easily believes.
I suppose it is your choice what has happened to you.
Faith makes it so.
When you mentioned shamans death......it rang a bell as similar to mine, though a different route.
But, the unravelling, yup.
Totally unraveled. (nodding head)

So, so, glad you are here to share your story and yourself.

((((Lune)))) So glad to see you here and even happier that you made your choice to stay!

This is WhiteFox/StarDreamer, btw...had another name change recently. I am so sorry to hear you've had such difficulties, but you sound as if you have made the turn with your unraveling experience.

I really can't speak from experience on this because I don't believe I've ever been on morphine, which is weird, considering all the surgery I've had in my life. Or if I had, it was only for the day after surgery. I don't know. You see, I do not like the feeling of being "out of control" of myself. Hah! That explains a lot! I get off any narcotics for pain ASAP. Rather have the pain. Let's me know I'm healing. But that's me...and I'm weird. And a nuisance to those around me when I'm healing because I'm so blinkin' stubborn.

However, personally, I wouldn't exclude an experience such as yours, just because you were on drugs. Who's to say what Spirit will use upon our path to open our eyes to what we need to see?

For some, morphine dreams after surgery may be part of that path. And for others, it may be the addiction to the drug. Yes, drugs alter the mind, but do they alter the spirit? I don't think so. We are led where we must go. Your experience afterward, I believe, may be partly a shift of energy that you must integrate and balance after your experience...along with the added physical needs of the body in healing.

Give yourself time, Lune. You've been through a life-changing experience on many levels. Healing and integration will come as you need it. Trust Spirit and your guides to show you what you need to know about your experience. And trust what you know about your own spirit.

May Spirit embrace you in his gentle Wings and provide you with all you need for the continued healing of mind, body and spirit.


Wonderful to see you and know you are OK!

The closest I can relate to what you ask was having an Near Death Experience during my last surgery. The doctors later told me they believed it was induced by the meds ... I on the other hand don't believe that to be the whole truth.

It was definitely life altering. Sorry hon, I couldn't be of more help.


It's always good to see you again! My experiences of watching others on morphine is that the connection with this dimension just goes. Poof. For some it is the turning point, in which they leave this dimension and this body. For others it is the place where they can heal in spirit, while not experiencing the turmoil their bodies are going through.

My experience with other meds (never been on morphine) is that I distance myself from the ego, or even from my personality once. The limitations of this current life just no longer bound me, and the connection with the other dimensions was very strong. I wasn't just slipping in and out between the two, it was as though I was witnessing this life from an entirely different place. It's not devoid of feeling, it's just devoid of emotion and of fear. To me, it felt like the ideal witness position, and I'd like to attain that state without the meds but from this side.

I still use my energy signature in that other place to travel there when needed, when I need to really step out of the 3D limited picture and take a birds' eye view.

I'm glad to hear that you've decided to stay for a good long time still Lune. I was given that choice in 1998. I chose then: "I am a child of Light, I am a child of Love. Bring me back." And it was so.

(((Lune))) Wow! What a time you've had, no wonder you've been so quiet.

I can't recall a morphine experience myself, I had one with ether though and I've been there all the same. It's jiggle time for the reconnecting so that you can realign more appropriately for the choice you've made...good choice, my sweet friend! Email me, we'll talk. Love you! It's wonderful to see you here!

That description of what you have seen of people on morphine matches what I experienced. That healing you mentioned was really what was happening with the unravelling feeling. From that position of not being connected to here, the hurty bits in my spirit had nothing fueling them anymore, so they kinda ... unraveled.

But by the same token there was nothing fueling the good constructs either.

But also from that position it is like I saw the entire picture of who and what I am as a soul. It is breathtaking, and also comforting.

Yup, that is making some sense of it. Thanks.


I know I saw a woman close to death with bowel cancer and she was on morph and looking at her, what you described was like what I saw in her.

And as for the choice to stay, I had it explained that I had finished what I came here to do in this incarnation and that is why it was time to die. But then someone intervened on my behalf to give me a choice to stay or go, and I chose to stay, just to have fun. My life till now has been full of suffering - the physical stuff and a lot of PTSD - I was reading that thread on PTSD with my jaw dropped LOL!. I stayed to have a nice time now, and also write many books!!!

I tend to believe that for most people, drugs cause delusions...While real, honest, spirituality is the result of humble lucidity. Meth for example, often sends its users spinning into a psychosis of religious delusion...which could possibly be an effect of having had a glimpse into another dimension. But then, lacking rational guidance, the experiences lead one to believe in a type of self-importance, an 'ethereal destiny', if you will...which is the delusion. I know in the bible the use of drugs to achieve spiritual communion is forbidden. Whenever my spiritual self has been most evident, drugs were not involved. I am always having a chuckle, when after regaling someone with tales of my personal spiritual experiences, they respond with an accusation that I was under the influence of something..."What you been smoking?". Nothing could be further from the truth.

"All the drugs prevented me from understanding any communication from the spirits"

Yeah! That is what I found when i journeyed once while stoned - marijuana. It was so vivid, amazing and seemed full of portent and meaning.

It was just that I couldn't figure out the meaning. So compared to no drugs the journeys and their meaning were crystal clear and often coming with transformational impact, no-drug journeys won hands down!

But this is something different. I think the more I come to understand it, the more it seems like a near death thing. Like I was walking very close to the otherworld for a couple of months so the messages were coming though really, really, clearly. I am just trying to understand the role of the morph.

Hey thanks for sharing your experience, and also like I said to Cedar Rose, I was reading the thread you started. What a great thing you did to share that and start that thread!

Have you had near death experiences?

I thought they would come under the people I was replying to.

The first one was for Mouse and the second was for Jimmy WhiteBear.

So I will put more replies here:
Lotus, I looked up near death experiences on the net when Kerry Packer (Some Aussie media magnate) died the other week. A few years ago his heart stopped for 8 minutes and he told some interviewer that "The good news is there is no hell and the bad news is there is no heaven. There is nothing"

So it sent me on a net search and what I found was amazing. There was a site with many, many, "NDE's" people had sent in. That made me feel so much more normal! And the other thing I found interesting was a Lancet article of scientific research into NDE's or heart attack victims. These people were having NDE's who were clinically dead at the time. If you are interested, I lost the URLs but they wouldn't be hard to find with a search.

Swan feather and Cinn, I hadn't thought about that realigning thing. Everything is changed, so it stands to reason there is a lot to be aligned into a new pattern. I can't even remember the old properly even if I wanted to LOL!

And Cinn, I will email you hopefully today. (((hugs)))

Firestarter Thanks for sharing. It helps to hear of others with similar experience. In this case the unravelling.

And Repillist, I agree generally about drugs. But I want to know what you mean about the meths and the "ethereal destiny" and your feeling it is the delusion. Do you have a specific example or two? I would think we all have an "ethereal destiny" but are you saying the meths gives them a glimpse but when back here it is warped?

Greetings and Welcome back I was in the hospital for a sever anxiety attack, (this was a few years ago) it acted like a heart attack, they gave me morphine. Good stuff to leave your body with. I was all over the hospital I asked a naturalist friend of mine why, he said morphine deadens all feeling in the body. He wasn't surprised I astral projected all over the hospital. For the last couple of years I have been asking why some cultures use mind altering drugs or techniques (breath work opened a whole new world for me) What I've seen, and this is just my humble opinion, is some humans can't let go of their egos without help. Simple. I'm not trying to be judgmental I enjoy visiting other dimensions and wouldn't begrudge others that enjoyment. I do recommend a safe environment Lune, I'm so glad you are with us.

Lune...I consider "drugs" to be catalysts of awareness for some people. And only that...The problems occur when people continue to use the drugs, as if the door to learning would open wider yet...But that is not the case. What happens next with continued use is a delusion of heavenly purpose...It's the old allure of being somebody important. When in fact, real spiritual awareness has the opposite effect...One learns to be a fiber in the cloth; no more, no less. Humility precedes wisdom, feeling "special to God" is a delusion...(and that is how drugs make a person feel...special.) Meth is really bad that way because it is so addicting on other levels as well...It grabs hold and drags a person right into an obsession or a delusion, always to the Nth degree!

I think it can be said for many folks on that path that, 'they're so heavenly minded they ain't no earthly good'.

Terra! I get it now, it is you. When I first came back I looked at all the new names and thought oh no! But I am glad to see some people have just changed names. Was the name change in spirit or simple an ez-board thing?

Morphine... deadening the feelings in the body? Well I could still feel the pain, but the pain just didn’t matter. Neither did anything else! But that is possibly semantics. Funny how the moment the connection to the body goes, for whatever reason, the soul goes walkabout.

There was an 82 year old lady with a broken hip in the bed next to me, she would have been on morphine too. The last night, (I had shielded my alcove because um... yeah there was a lot of wandering going on in that hospital.) I woke up because her spirit was trying to wander through my shields. I was so startled I said "Get back in your body NOW!" In my best schoolteacher tones learnt from my schoolteacher mum. Boy did it work. And her spirit didn't get back out while I was there. Interesting thoughts about drugs and ego.

Reptillian, I think I fundamentally disagree with you, but then again I may be misunderstanding you. You say with spiritual growth one learns to be a fiber in the cloth, no more no less. But without said fiber, there is no cloth. No more no less either. How important is that? I think that is special to god.

Are you referring to a feeling of being more important than other people? Then I agree, all threads in the cloth are as important as the other. No more, no less.

What you are describing in terms of delusions sound more to me like a mental illness, not a spiritual insight. But where is the line between the two? As far as I can understand the line seems to be culturally defined. And to me that is one of my definitions of mental health, not feeling more important, or less than another person. And for 'they're so heavenly minded they ain't no earthly good'. That's brilliant! How can I have gone almost 30 years without ever hearing that??

Lune, Although I cannot speak about drug induced journeys, as apart from the occasional (and I mean occasional ) wacky-backy ciggy, I haven't really experimented with drugs or had need of meds. But I can relate to the experience of unravelling and also to deciding to stay.

When my dad died a couple or three years ago, I went through a pretty bad time: more anger than grief, but a bad time all the same. For months I had this feeling that I "wasn't here" and nothing mattered: either spiritually or in the mundane. I took loads of time off work (which, given I was self-employed and didn't earn if I didn't work was not a good plan! But somehow that didn't seem important to me at the time).

One day towards the end of the "wasn't here" period I went for a walk in the countryside near my home. As I was walking up the lane that leads back to the house, I got a really strong sensation that I was being asked whether I wanted to Live. I didn't know what the options were, but I decided to Live.

I got a new guide pretty shortly after and things have been on the up, spiritually and in my mundane existence ever since.

The unravelling has continued and continues to do so: it seems to gather pace. I would say that this unravelling is a good thing, as I have found that since those days shortly after my dad died it has been like "starting again". But that starting again seems more purposeful: like we know where we went wrong last time and we are more aware of where we need to be going this time.

Good luck with the books!

Jimmy WhiteBear:
I don't folks, When I was into drugs, I could never tell the difference between vision and hallucination. This is as simple as knowing that Drugs interferes with communication on all levels. Physically, mentally/emotionally and spiritually. I enjoyed every trip with acid, peyote, mescaline, speed, DMT, pot to name a few.

My first contact with the spirits was under the influence of speed and pot and absolutely scared the hell out of me. I ran and didn't go back to the sacred ground for well over twenty years.

It wasn't until I started getting messages in sobriety that I decided to pursue and then it was only with the advice of someone I trust.

It doesn't matter what the drug is. It blocks communion with the spirits. I see people every day that are spiritually bankrupt because of the damage done by drugs and alcohol. There are only three places drugs and alcohol can take you--- Jail, institutions and death and that’s no Bull.

In the traditional way, the elders strongly suggest that anyone who has taken drugs, been under the influence of drugs/alcohol wait 4 days before taking part in any ceremony.

That’s from A to Z. we have numbed ourselves to a point that the spirit within is unable to communicate with us and they don't like being detached from the husk they dwell in.

They understand that when we are sick, in surgery etc. that we must use these chemicals, they only ask that we respect them and not try to commune with them for at least 4 days...

Think about it!...

Hi bear! Usually I would agree wholeheartedly with you on the subject of using drugs to reach spirit. Although I respect the right for people to walk their own paths in their own way, I think drugs do tend to warp messages from spirit. But moreover, they can reap a terrible toll on the person. I have personally seen this happen. It was awful. It just doesn't work. Are you saying that everyone is affected spiritually by drugs in the way you are? If so I disagree in my case here. The guidance I was getting was clear, direct and extremely important for me to be receiving.

This last sentence you wrote:
They understand that when we are sick, in surgery etc. that we must use these chemicals, they only ask that we respect them and not try to commune with them for at least 4 days...”

Suggests to me you and I have a very different relationship to Spirit.

Over that period where I was so sick I was surrounded by all my guides all at once, and one guide of a friend of mine. The friend lived on the other side of the country otherwise she would have been there physically too. Her guide came in her stead!

There was no force in this world or beyond that could have stopped these beings from being with me at such a significant point in my life, let alone a few chemicals. The idea that they not talk to me or communicate with me while the drugs were in my system, or for 4 days afterwards seems ludicrous to them.

These traditional laws are no doubt there to protect people, but in the hands of someone as adept at traversing the paths of spirit such as myself, the morphine was but a tool wielded wisely to help my being effect the huge transformation I needed. (So, come to think of it, was the surgeon's little camera and lasers and whatever they use instead of knives these days!)

Now look and be proud of me about how confident I am about this compared to my first post. Everybody here has helped me to that! Thanks!


“It doesn't matter what the drug is. It blocks communion with the spirits. I see people every day that are spiritually bankrupt because of the damage done by drugs and alcohol. There are only three places drugs and alcohol can take you--- Jail, institutions and death and that’s no Bull.”

I do agree with Bear about the 'spiritually bankrupt.' I used alcohol to 'close the doors' for many years. I respect other people’s choices and traditions to use stimulates or to wait so many day for traditional reasons. I am trying to find the way without artificial stimulation. But am finding it hard to do. Breath Work releases an endorphin in the brain and causes 'visions.' This path can become addicting. In Sweat Lodge it is the heat that pushes you out of body. And then to my point, outside stimulation is one way to get me (ego) out of my own way.

When you say breath work, what do you mean?


I did Holotropic Breath Work a couple of years ago. It isn't a gentle breath. In a safe environment with trained people, you breathe fast until an endorphin is released from the brain. It was told to me that this is the breath of the Mother, but I found it to be forced Kundalini energy. Some people experience rebirth and this same breath work is used in some rebirthing exercises. Most of the time it's flopping around on the floor mumbling words no one remembers IMHO!

My experience was a little different. I became bear. I could feel my hands turn to paws and the heavy coat of fur. I was taken into a cave and told this was a Shamans practice and not to be available to just any one who could pay for the knowledge. I was also told I could proceed and I would be watched over. I lay there so calm and peaceful. But I didn't go farther into it. I was given enough information to process.

Once out of the vision there are hours of coming down, again IMHO! Basically I was numb still. It took months of thinking over this process in which I was told by my group I was acting out in anger. I don't believe I was, I was just asking question they didn't have answers for. I had to go to the people who taught them to find out this was indeed Kundalini energy. Anyway, it was just another way to get ego out of the way so I could talk with my Elders. I survived and I don't recommend this path.

Thus my journey to find a way to communicate with the knowledge from the Otherside without artificial stimulation. Which bring me back to Spirit Lodge and Cinnamon's articles on Journeying. I find this to be just as effective in communicating with the other side and no nasty side effects. The work to get 'out of my own way' is well worth the rewards in information.

I will say though that when I was given morphine in the hospital I took advantage and astral projected.

I didn't answer your question about my new name. It was a journey to the stars and a little help from a friend that gave me a new name. Okay I've run off at the mouth long enough. Thanks everyone for letting me flow.

Jimmy WhiteBear:
Hi Lune, Listen I am not trying to be a wise guy here but if you truly believe that drugs can help you connect, then all I can say is keep doing them. The most spiritual experience I ever had while using was when I seen what the Dope was doing to me, my family, my life.

A friend of mine said it best "They don't call it Dope for nothing! No one ever said lets go out and do some smarts!"

I give credit to the Native people of the Southwest "The Native American Church" or the Peyote religion. Done that!, Met Mescalito, thank him and haven't touched it since!

The shamans that use pschotrophics to Journey are better suited for this then I and I need to leave it to those who can better handle it!...

“I give credit to the Native people of the Southwest "The Native American Church" or the Peyote religion. Done that!, Met Mescalito, thank him and haven't touched it since!”

Indeed! That's what I'm talking 'bout.

I'm a lightweight in this category, having done no drugs other than alcohol, and being so allergic to alcohol that even exposure to my skin is only a few away from anaphylaxic shock...

I have a question??....Is it possible that my fear of stepping into my own wisdom/power is partially why I have such an adverse reaction when most drugs are introduced into my system....and why I absolutely refused to 'do drugs' in my teens and beyond? I've never even tried Wacky tobaccy....although all of my kids do.

I couldn't stand Nitrous Oxide...and flipped the mask off my face to the horror of my dentist....I'm just not fond of finding myself floating without reference point on the ceiling (afraid of heights I guess).

Migraine meds left me looking for a place to crawl out of my body...I doubt there is a migraine that could induce me to go back to the hospital and let them do that to me again. Demerol gave me horrific migraines. It started the 12 day one that sent me to the hospital ... Being anesthetized takes me a week to shake off....not wake up from, just get rid of the residual effects, The strongest stuff I take is ibuprofen and a muscle relaxant, which either just deals with the pain, if I have a need to 'do', or if I am able to relax and let it work fully, sends me to a place where I have no fear of being not 'in control' and become a little child-like... I've never really had to snap out of that place and resume living as me....and often I only take it as I'm going to bed....

My sister processes all drugs out of her system so fast they are almost useless....and she is on a pile of drugs for chronic pain....enough that she went toxic once from all of them in combination. None of my family process alcohol all that well.

I'm thinking here, that if there is a connection, it might be familial/maybe generational.

Jimmy WhiteBear:
I can't tell you why you or your family has a hard time processing alcohol. Could be a genetic thing and probably is but our livers where not designed to process alcohol, they were designed to filter the impurities in our blood. Drugs and alcohol are Impurities, they are foreign matter that messes up the liver and causes things like cirrhosis, enlarged heart muscle, stomach and colon ulcers, etc... Too much of anything hurts the body in more ways than we know! In the native way we go to creator as pure and open as we can and when drinking or using drugs, the impurities in our bodies block that connection.

I think if you read Castanedas works, he does not say the peyote brings him or them closer to god/creator, he talks about the visions/hallucinations the drugs create and how they try to interpret those vision.

I think Creator would much rather have us touch him Clean and sober!...

Bear, “I think Creator would much rather have us touch him clean and sober!...” … Absolutely!

A’ho! to the clean and sober. Wynsong, some people have a very low tolerance for drugs. I guess it would have its advantages and its disadvantages.

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