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By CinnamonMoon

ThunderBeings/Jamie Sams/Sacred Path Thunder-beings/Usable Energy The Teaching:
The Thunder-beings make up the love call of the Sky Nation. The Fire Sticks, or lightning bolts, are a rare gift from the Sky Father to the Earth Mother. The Thunderers who accompany a storm carry the mating call that announces the Divine Union of Earth and Sky. The Thunder-beings are the host of lovers who give energy to the Earth Mother. The Thunder chief proclaims the beauty of the love between Father Sky and Mother Earth. The Fire Sticks create a bridge between the two lovers and are a physical expression of their love for one another. The Cloud People gather where the dance of union is to be held and house the Thunder Chief and Fire Sticks within their bodies awaiting the joyous time.

Through this intricate mating dance, our Earth Mother is reenergized so that life may continue through the nurturing Rains who feed her body. Since our Mother Earth is magnetic in nature, she has need of the electric energies supplied by the Thunder-beings. The Rain People recycle the moisture of Sky World and give back to the Earth Mother so that her body may feed all things green and growing.

As the cloak of Father Sky covers the Earth Mother in a mantle of blue each day, we Two-leggeds see the beauty of his love for her when the Cloud People form and the thoughts of their combined ideas take physical shape. In our Seneca tongue, Hail-lo-way-ain is the Language of Love. This Language of Love is at work between Father Sky and Mother Earth.

When Mother Earth needs the love and warmth of Grandfather Sun to support the needs of all of her children, we see thunderstorms, lightning, and rain as their bodies dance the Sacred Dance of Divine Union. The Thunder Chief calls out in Hail-lo-way-ain, the ancient Language of Love, for the Earth Mother to prepare herself for her bridegroom. The Fire Medicine that comes between them is lightning (Fire Sticks), which is directed along the lines of energy that form a grid system over her body.

If a Fire Stick touches Mother Earth in one area, the electricity may travel great distances to reenergize those places that need the male energy that Father Sky supplies. The individual needs of all parts of her body are assisted by the Thunder-beings since they are Father Sky's Medicine Allies, or Helpers.

This act of love between Mother Earth and Father Sky can be tender and gentle or torrid and passionate. This lovemaking is experienced as weather changes and climatic shifts by the Children of the Earth. Floods and fires, hailstorms and tornadoes, hurricanes and typhoons are the freedom of nature. In every case, the end result is the fulfillment of our Earth Mother's needs and must be looked at from the viewpoint of the greatest good for all living creatures. Great Mystery has a hand in all acts of the Uniworld and each act supports the need for growth and change.

My own life was saved in March 1986 by the Thunder-beings. I was driving across Utah, heading back to California after my Grandfather passed to the Other Side Camp. I was accompanied by a very disturbed young man who had sought my counsel and healing. On that day, we had agreed to travel in total silence and I had allowed him to drive my car. We were going to take a shortcut through a pass that was not usually open until summer. Fourteen miles up the pass we began to see snow. We were going to see if the Medicine Man, Rolling Thunder, could help my companion. I had been frightened by his erratic behavior at the beginning of our journey two days earlier, and I needed some assistance.

I broke the silence when he refused to look at the sign that blocked the pass, warning of snow and poor road conditions. The light was disappearing fast. When I spoke of my concern, referring to the map that said the pass was over 10,000 feet high with no more than a gravel road over the top, the young man snapped. he gunned the accelerator and propelled the car over a three-foot deep snowbank that covered the entire road.

We slid on ice and the car ended hanging precariously over the edge of the icy road. The Cloud People had gathered and Grandfather Sun was far below the horizon about to disappear for the day. I was paralyzed with fear for a moment or two. I had never met Rolling Thunder, but Grandmother Twylah had spoken of him as a wise and good Medicine Person. I Entered the Silence and called upon his Medicine. At that exact moment, a plea from my heart reached the Cloud People and a clap from the Thunder-beings gave me courage. In that moment, I realized that the young man wanted to die and he would take me with him if he had to.

I distinctly heard the voice of my Grandfather's spirit telling me to take charge. "I don't know how," I replied. His voice told me to grab the camping hatchet in the backseat and follow his instructions. I did. I scuffled across the car seat, angrily ordering the man out. Then I told him to start cutting Sagebrush and instructed him to put it under the wheels for traction. While he was occupied, I called to the Thunder-beings for assistance and then called once again on the Medicine of Rolling Thunder, the Medicine Man in Carlin, Nevada. I got into the car and felt the Thunder-beings calm my heart and send me the message that help was on its way. I gunned the motor and was able to slide the car onto the one patch of gravel in the center of the road. In less than ten minutes, a car appeared.

The old green Impala was filled with a family of tow-headed children and their parents. The father helped the young man accompanying me push my car while I raced the engine and finally the car bounded over the avalanche of ice and old winter snow. We thanked the family and then asked why they passed the sign saying the road was closed. The man replied that some man at a service station down at the last town had told him it was open.

We all agreed to turn around and go back down together. We turned on our headlights and began the slow descent. After the fifth turn in the road, I looked back because I could no longer see the lights from the Impala. I stopped and waited. Finally, ignoring the screams of my companion, I turned the car around and went back to look for the family. The young man was so full of anger and hatred that it stunned me. It was dark and raining, and he was hungry. My companion didn't see why we should go back. The Impala had disappeard. No car, no skid marks, no wrecks, nobody over the side of the mountain. They had simply vanished. I know that this story is one of mystery that I will never be able to explain. I do know that I am protected. I never met Rolling Thunder, but I honor his Medicine. The Thunder-beings are now my Allies too. They have proven to me that they love and serve the faithful.

The rolling Thunder-Beings, the Fire Sticks, and the Cloud and Rain People taught me that I could be strong in the face of death. They cleansed my fear of being controlled by another person. They also assisted me in cleansing my guilt of not being able to help that young man when he committed suicide one month later. The Thunder-beings can bring us the courage to do those things and to master our sense of loss by seeing the expansive plan.

The lovemaking of Mother Earth and Father Sky bring renewal to the whole of Creation. Our personal renewal, which Nature reflects, can be brought about by cleansing our fears, cultivating new growth, releasing old habits, or allowing ourselves to be loved and protected. The Thunder-beings bring us the raw energy we need to change and renew our lives. We humans are Catalyzers who have electromagnetic, giving and receiving, bodies. We are the bridge that connects Earth and Sky when we are in harmony. Like Mother Earth and Father Sky we are male and female in nature. The command of usable energy comes when male and female are in balance within us.

The Application:
The Thunder-beings card is telling you that you are a Catalyzer and may now command the usable energy at hand. You are being funded with the energy needed to complete any task you have in mind. If you have been trying without results or just couldn't get enough steam going, this card signals relief. You can drop the frustration and get on with it. The energy is now yours. Call it to you and use it.

Usable energy comes in many forms. See which kind of energy applies to your present situation and then command it. Your body is the lightning rod and will conduct all the energy you need. Shout your intention to the Sky Nation. The Thunder-beings remind you to replenish yourself equally to the amount of energy you spend.

Thunder Beings
By Cinnamon Moon

Among the dominant protective spiritual forces in Sioux culture the ThunderBeings take on two specific forms: the Thunderbird as representative of the ThunderBeings in the sky and the Thunder Horse as their presence on earth. They come from the West with the power to bring thunder and lightning forming the rain. The Thunder Horse descends from the sky to the mountain top, its hooves cause thunder and fire when they strike the ground (lightning). When the warriors rode into battle the prayed their steeds would become Thunder Horses to take on the power of the ThunderBeings. The Thunderbird causes lightning by blinking its eyes or creates thunder by flapping its wings. As both bring on rain which nourishes life they are important figures that symbolize protection and rebirth.

Part of my Medicine Path is to work with the Sky Nation. I am honored to work with three ThunderBeings. These Spirit Allies are very powerful beings and their Medicine is expansive. I'd like to share one of my personal Medicine Stories with you. On one occasion the ThunderBeings came to me after I'd gotten a new puppy. Some of you will remember my Mickey, who was one to guard over me as I slept. Mickey has now crossed over and dwells with my main Guardian Spirit but he is a part of the story I will share with you for it happened when he was still physically with me.

To me the ThunderBeings appear as bright, neon-blue beings of light, translucent, I can see through them, but they are solid at the same time. They are dressed in NA costume, blue from head to toe, and stand about 2 1/2 -3 feet tall. Mickey went into instant defense mode, barking at them as if they were intruders for they just "popped" into the room to wake me from a sound sleep. He chased around the room after them as if they were leaping lizards, and they teased him, very playfully. He wouldn't let them near me at first and I had to clear the sleep from my head while taking it all in initially. Finally I was able to grab him and get him to settle down so they could deliver their messages.

They each took a turn, one by one they came forward to touch me. Each gifted me with enhancements to my Medicine. Their touch also instructed me on how to work with it through a telepathic passage of enlightenment. It was an amazing experience. Their touch was very gentle, but it spread through me like an electrical charge (painlessly) and as it expanded, my understanding of the Medicine expanded too.

As the first ThunderBeing touched me it was like a nutshell had been given as his gift. But it cracked open with his words and I knew what may pathwork was being directed to accomplish by using his gift.

The second ThunderBeing touched me and again the same thing happened, with that directive my path widened and I could see further ahead to what Spirit wanted me to do and how to apply that aspect in my own Medicine.

The third ThunderBeing did the same thing and his directive blessed me with the acceptance of the pathwork, for it was intimidating to think that I could accomplish all that they were showing me. He brought me peace of mind and heart. In this way I was given permission to use these aspects of the energy the Thunder Beings bestowed upon me and add it to my own Medicine Ways. This is in keeping with the teachings of NA Medicine, and it is how we receive.

As quickly as they'd appeared that night they were gone again, but those directives have continued to expand throughout all levels and dimensions of my life. Everywhere I look they have been pervasive. An energy in motion that just keeps going and I'm so blessed to be honored by them and pass that Medicine out into the worlds. My path of service became illuminated, its reach expanded to limitless proportion, and in that moment I saw the vastness of purpose Spirit was exposing me to. Honored and humbled, it seemed a tremendous task had been set before me and I couldn't comprehend how this would unfold--it is rarely our doing that unfolds our path, we merely walk it. Spirit sets up the roadway before us with challenges that test our skills to overcome them so we can master our abilities and understanding in the process before it smooths out again.

The challenges came, the Medicine was needed to resolve the situations, and I called upon it to do so each time. It was a complex process but one that allowed me to gain confidence with it and a good measure of respect as well as comfort in it. Today it serves me well, and it allows me to serve others in ease as it is now second nature and very simple for me to use. The intensity of the ThunderBeings is imbedded in the Medicine, and it is wide-ranging--like adjusting the flame on the stove beneath a kettle, it needs conscious focus to initiate it but it's beautiful and it blesses my Path. Like the appearance of the ThunderBeings themselves, small in stature, yet capable of extensive expansion, the effect on my spiritual growth since that visit has been equally expansive. I've been made ready and they initiated me to that work in a rite of passage that took well over a year to be completed.

The ability to call on them is not taken lightly, the Medicine is used to help heal Mother Earth, to guide others through the storms in their life lighting the path ahead to expand their own spiritual horizons, and guide them to Spirit as they cross from this world to the next where my Spirit Helpers await and guide them as they continue that journey. As this path expands for me, those individuals that Spirit guides my way have need of this Medicine to help them transition and I am in awe of how this is playing out. It is fascinating. My transition into working with this Medicine on these levels has triggered a release of powerful energy and understanding that began on a cellular level. I witnessed my own DNA setting that in motion. But it was initiated by the combined touches of the three ThunderBeings. Touches that had created an axis of the double helix, a whirling rainbow that began the initiating of a spiritual metamorphosis. From this process of cellular changes the energy began to expand ever outward through my body into my auric field and at that point I was able to release it out into the worlds. I can see its multi-hued composite, trailing like smoke or wafting in the air like sheer veils of fabric blowing in the wind. And like this transformation when it is sent out it creates that same unfolding process permeating the work that is being done. It is gentle but as powerful as a mighty storm, and it is not called upon lightly. I honor it, and the service it allows me to bring into being.

Working with the Sky Nation as I do has been a natural course of events that began in early childhood. Perhaps because I am a child of Air it comes so naturally to me as it has always been second nature. But over the years these Allies of Air have Danced with me, trained me to work with their Medicine, and shown me protection, compassion, and love. I have a kinship with them that is such a blessing, and I just love the freedom and expansiveness of these relationships. It's awesome. So I thought I'd share another perspective on working with them so you can see that there are many ways they manifest their powers and work with us.

I carry a Thunder Horse shield and ride this steed in journeys, he was gifted to me by a Medicine Woman sister and Spirit Painter who sent him to me for protection and power. He is accompanied by four Ravens lending their Medicine to the work we do. Branded with two spirit hands, I place my hands over them and merge with him to journey together into other worlds where we fly together. Thunder Horses dwell in the Sky Nation, they have the ability to fly and the ability to run on land. Flames rise up from his hooves when he runs but they do not char the land, they burn pure and leave a trail behind us as we race through an environment then vanish. Those flames can burn if he wills them to, but they are harmless unless that is called for. I love the written works of Jamie Sams. They are earthy and easy to understand for those coming to the ways of NA spirituality and so I highly recommend her work. For that reason I quoted from her to begin this article. But I didn't want to just quote her, I wanted to share with you that this is also the natural way of things and whether we follow NA traditions or simply our own evolutionary path, these are spiritual realities and will come to us when we open to them.

The ThunderBeings do not serve those who seek power to control, who seek to feed their egos and inflate their perception of self. If they are called upon for those purposes the individual will call forth a lesson that can be painfully experienced and recoils harshly. However they do come to those who are to wield this Medicine in service to the Earth Mother and those Spirit brings to cross their path. They come as a connective link that gives back to the worlds of dimension by opening a channel between the worlds. If they appear to you do not fear them, they are powerful but they are very loving, and their touch is a gentle one when you hold right intent with them.

This is all I'm able to share publicly. The Medicine is passed fully with discretion, and only when Spirit directs that it be done. However sharing this story with you is honoring my Medicine and the Sky Nation and I thank you for allowing me to do so.

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