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By CinnamonMoon

I was taught that the Fool talks and the Wise One listens. Listening is part of divination. In order to do any level of divination there is channeling involved on some level. How do you open to being receptive and how do you know what you are receiving is accurate?

I've been 'playing' with I Ching for a number of years now. Probably since 89 or 90. At first it was just for fun, but the responses I'd gotten were so darn accurate it gave me goosebumps. After a while, I began to realize I was having a 'relationship' with it. I learned how to focus my questions into proper frame, and I learned to 'feel' when I did the I Ching. I've never felt I had much psychic abilities, yet I do agree that there is much channeling involved in divination. ~ I suppose what I am saying in this statement is that I've never felt I had great psychic ability... so I didn't realize I was tuning my psychic ability. A few months ago, I gave a couple I Ching readings at Shaman Sapiene in the practice readers forum. I was not sure of my ability to do a good reading online for strangers, as I'd only done readings for myself or for my friends. I think I gave three readings. Two of them were validated, though one was not. ~ I feel when I am focused, and have a correct frame for the question, I do get accurate responses. I would like to mention, though, that my relationship with I Ching sometimes can be 'smart'. In other words, when I am acting like a 'moron' I get an appropriate response! Which usually makes me go "Okay.... I'll listen. What should I learn?"

Thanks for asking, I hope there will be a lot of replies, as I think it´s very interesting to hear how people got started and how they work. What´s your story Cinn.? What really made things happening for me, was getting in touch with my feelings.

I´d had a rough life so I had become a coldhearted, ambitious business woman though not with chainsaws on my elbows. Having a child blew me open but I closed again until he was about 3. I was divorced and couldn´t handle my son, so I found it necessary to draw his astrological chart, though it´s my belief you shall not draw charts for under-aged. I only looked at the chart long enough to see that I had an over-sensible child with extreme need for hugs and lots of humor.

So I went in therapy to learn to feel and show and give feelings. My guide here ran a New age center where I began to spend time and learn. The more I got in touch with my feeling the more I opened up towards stuff from the other world and it revealed that I had different abilities. BUT I had not control of it so along the way I had to learn certain techniques. Mostly I hear voices.

The beginning was very difficult cause along with ancient wisdom came a lot of rubbish so until I learned how to keep out "dark spirits" I spend a lot of time analyzing and put ting things into different boxes. I have on the top of my head a transmitting center where I feel electrified when somebody wants through to me.

If I want in contact I activate this center by opening my crown chakra. Somehow I sometimes feel someone needs my help and I go on travelling out of my body. Nowadays I do it unconscious of where together with a spiritual guide because it´s much too exhausting to do it consciously. It often happens at night, but I always know if I´ve been away because I wake up bumping into my body, a bit like when an airplane lands.

The help I give is for instance comforting a child which has been abused and teach it how to stop the abuse. Once I was called to comfort a young performer who was too scared to go on stage. Once I was called to stay 20 hours with a child who was dying of hunger.

I had to figure out a huge lie to my boss why I´d just stayed away without calling. I cannot change the situation - just give comfort, advice and reassurance.

From time to time, not every year, I´m asked by my guide to do a "Channelizing" which is difficult and not particularly pleasant. I cannot explain how I do it, but they use my body as a pipe to send a certain kind of energy to a specific place on earth. I have nothing to do with it, neither any control of it, I´m simply a pipeline. I know what and where and can read the effect shortly after in the newspaper. But I don´t like to do something where I´m totally out of control.

Astrology - good. Healing - 50 - 50. Clairvoyance - occasionally.

Actually I´m into most things, interested in everything. Some works other doesn´t, I´m continuously learning. But I realized a couple of days ago the importance of not leaving praying and meditation for too long. I have practically no contact at the moment, my guide just offered me one word - "patience". I do "travel" though.

Then there is this boy-friend I´ve been in contact with all my life, but never thought about until 92, he was sort of just there. It´s him who taught me English - I never opened the book at primary school. I listened to him every night, just feeling the meaning of the words - when I was younger I didn´t hear his voice, I just felt his presence.

“What´s your story Cinn.?” I usually try to avoid telling my story because I don't want to color the thread with "me" stuff. But, since you asked I'll share what comes to mind this time. At 5yrs old many doors opened for me and I began with two Spirit Guides...a shaman and Wolf. I came into life with what I call "Old Memory" these days...it was knowledge I had no way to learn at such an early age. Truths that stood the test of time and validated themselves. At that same time the elemental forces introduced themselves to me. I did not go seeking them, it just "happened". By the age of 11 I was doing automatic writing and just playing with it and by the time I was 18 I'd begun toying with the Tarot. It took me a couple years to really get into that as I was young, but once I did yet another channel opened or the main one widened, however you want to put it.

Over the years more Guides came to me and I began working with my Totems as well. I have since the age of 5 worked within the DreamLodge so that was a given and very natural for me. During my mid-teens more of my abilities began manifesting and I was alone with my Guides so I had to work through them by trial and error. It took years to figure it all out but eventually everything settled into place.

I do have my "tells" as I call them. Signals that put me on notice that guidance is coming through and sometimes I'm visited by spirits that work with me for different reasons. How I perceive them varies. There are times I do see them and others when I can feel them only. But the lessons or messages are very clear. One of my "tells" is a ringing in my ears when I need to open and receive a message. Sort of like a buzz on the telephone line. Sometimes I just find words flowing from my mouth that I'm not in control of. As they come they carry a message I may or may not understand that is meant for the person I'm talking to and they will validate it then and there.

If I'm writing to someone my Guides will step in and I feel their presence. I just let them have free reign and they convey a message to someone about their path or life in some way. I am "moved" to post certain things that touch certain people and see the hand of Spirit moving through cyber-space too.

When I was learning the Tarot and trying to understand the interpretations (something that had always fascinated me ... symbology and interpretations) I was struggling hard. There were 78 cards, each with dual meanings in most cases when upright or reversed. Each card could be seen on the mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual perspective so that needed to be brought into play and I was on overwhelm trying to keep it all straight. In those days I was looking for a quick understanding. I had a sense of trust in the cards from the start but the bond was raw yet.

One day the High Priestess card was turned and she came to me, pulling me into the card through a vision, I sat in her chair, I looked out from that position. I held the Tora as she did in my lap (knowledge and sacred law) and I understood all that the card represented. I understood her position, and that while she might have all that knowledge in hand, what she dispersed was discriminatory depending on the capability of the person to open to truths. We merged and with that I suddenly understood what I personally needed to do to "read" the cards for people. One by one I stepped into each card and explored it that way. Each one a journey unto itself. I came to know them well and today that's how I read for people.

On occasion if I start to veer in a wrong direction or should miss something my Guides will step in and shout at me or just plain take over for a bit. I go with that. They've never steered me wrong ever. I could go on and on but suffice it to say that my guidance has been strong since childhood and I learned to trust in that early on before others could shut those doors for me. I was fortunate that way. My path went in many directions along the way but each one was filled with lessons and sooner or later I got them. Some were repeated until I did, lots of trial and error. *Smiles* And then there were the moments of teaching at the feet of Medicine People that kept bringing me back to this path as being "right"…for me. So when the signals come I go with the flow. I know it's only going to take a brief moment if it happens during the course of mundane activity as I'm never put in danger of trance states that way. A lot can be conveyed in a brief instant. It may take hours to explain but the enlightenment or message is very quickly received for me.

I think this is more than enough about me. I'd rather hear what others have to say and comment where appropriate. I hope I didn't bore you.

Cinn, you don't bore. Your posts are very inspiring.

I use cards to get a connection with someone. If I am asked to read for a friend, I will ask her to give me a number between 0 and 72, which corresponds with a Dutch oracle set that I have, I get that card, and that is what gives me the connection. I don't know how that connection is there, or how I know that it is a connection. Perhaps because the images come, the associations with the cards are just there, (and they can be entirely different associations with the same card used for different people). It just sorta happens. But that's what I am noticing now anyway... that a lot of the stuff has been coming naturally, even from when I was a very young child (such as herbs), but it is not done consciously. It is very raw and crude... and I believe that opening up to it, tuning into it, is a very useful exercise for me.

Awwwww Mouse you are sweet! Thanks.

As for the card readings if you want to start a new thread for that so we can keep the discussion separate I'm all for swapping techniques. I've got a few of them and that would make for great discussions here. Your technique is not unknown to me. I have a friend that reads like that and though she uses only certain cards, she uses them to open to. I think any reader worth their salt is going to channel in some fashion along those lines. It goes beyond just the cards themselves (no matter what deck you use). In this method you've discussed it's a matter of getting your focal and the rest flows. I've done it myself. It depends on the "type" of reading I'm giving. If I were to type up one of my general readings it's usually several pages of information. I get a lot out of them. The connection comes through your creating that willingness to receive and opening up to it. That's the channel we talk about. It begins to form slowly but as you work with it there is greater ease and control.

I do as many as a dozen readings in an average day and sometimes more. Initially I started with only a couple a week. It's come a long way since then. You call it a connection. I call it a channel. Semantics there. *Grins*

The images coming with the card is your clairvoyant ability kicking in. The card makes sense and yes, that they can be different for each person is what initially had me running in all sorts of circles until I figured out how that took place. For me putting down a spread is like opening up a story book and I just tell the story feeling my way through it with the images I get and the flood of feelings my Guides send through me. They make me feel the situation with all senses on high. I have strong empathy too so that adds in there as well.

It can get to you so you do have to watch for taking on the emotions and energies of others as well. Sneaky stuff if you are doing heavy reading time. We all read a bit differently too so go with the flow of what works for you. If it's coming on its own naturally embrace it and work with it as it will only become stronger and more accurate. I'd argue it isn't done consciously because the awareness is set when I go into a reading. I make the choice to open myself wide up and take in the information I'm to share. But the filtering is automatic, the process itself honed, and I'm intentionally reading so quite conscious. I don't slip into a deep trance on readings.

With channeling/connection semantics... I didn't realize that that could be the same. Perhaps it is that I am relatively new to the words used here at Spirit Lodge and those at Shaman Sapience... and that English is a second language for me. Interesting though, because I feel a hesitation/trepidation to call it channeling. I recognize the empath aspect. If I can say a single thing about myself, it is that I am an empath.

Have been learning how to use that consciously, switch it off, shield, cleanse, etc... since I was 17, when it was starting to totally overwhelm me. I wrote a post on that in one of SEDD's empathy threads at SS. I'll see if there are empathy threads here too, and post there instead of going into it in this thread.

Thanks again Cinn. Feels like I am constantly saying thank you to you. Your words and your choice of words are very stimulating to me.

Channeling plays into any type of reading you are going to do but you don't always need tools to trigger it and that's what this thread was about but we didn't get to that which is okay. If it comes up again or someone wants to follow that train of thought we can.

Let me see if I can define it briefly for you. To simply (and it's not being underrated here) channel you must open to receive. In that process thoughts and feelings wash through your mind and body and you are "impressed" with them. Sometimes that's all that comes through and at other times you'll receive clear messages that should always be delivered word for word and taken literally. In essence it's like sensing your way through a card reading but without the cards to trigger the insight. For that reason I was saying it's pretty much semantics and insight is gained through relatively the same process.

I was hoping people would describe how they opened up and what kinds of impressions they get to share the information received. Ah well. *S*

As an empath you can understand what mediumship is like and it's good to hear you've worked with shielding. That's a huge stumbling block for a lot of people. Please feel free to start a thread on any topic that interests you.

There's no need to keep thanking me. We're all friends and just sharing with one another. I'm not formal at all, just one of the crowd here LOL. Like I said, if you want to take this topic further you're welcome to start a thread on reading cards. I'm all for it.

Hi Cinn, It meant so much to me to hear your story and brought up thousands of questions and remembering so I like to stick to the subject here and suggest that we move the card-discussion to a new topic - OK?

You must have been a very special/unusual child and like me and my son saying things which are strange for a child to say. How did your parents react to that? Mine sort of shook their head "kids!" and though they were aware I was different from my sisters and therefore treated differently, but never respected.

Still today my family say "Yeah but you´ve always had a weird way of seeing things" so mostly I keep my mouth shut.

School time was hell. I was somehow different so I was mopped from day one ( once I was hanged out from a window on second floor)

How did you manage follow the path. Did you have someone to support you and stand up for you. I suddenly remembered that when I was 0-2/3 years I could read minds and understood things and made decisions quite unusual, but the feeling of not belonging and loneliness made me spend almost 30 years trying to be normal and do what "normal" people do. "Go with the flow" needs a lot of guts.

I get scared, though it feels great. When I started to really open up, people around me made me believe I was insane and along the way I´ve had to deal with "people pointing fingers" at me. But since 92 I been lucky always meeting someone to support me when I was about to give up. I´m really glad I moved away because I was fed up as being the "village-loony", but maybe Americans are not so narrow minded as here.

I soon learned not to speak when I receive something. If needed I write it down and hide it. I do a lot of automatic writing especially here, but I feel this place is somehow protected, so I´m not afraid of posting it.

Your story amazes me, I´d really wish you would tell more. It comforts me and reassure me to hear what others have been through. Í´ve been suffering from many unpleasant feelings (latest anxiety-attacks) and uncertainty and mistaking so it´s a relief to hear I´m not the only one. I thought you wanted to keep your story private as that´s not the case please tell.

I bless the guide who moved my fingers across the keyboard into this place. It´s a mystery how I found you, I just remember I felt "high"

“I was hoping people would describe how they opened up and what kinds of impressions they get to share the information received. Ah well.”

Let me give it a try then... How do I open to being receptive... I first notice that there is a question on my mind, and that it is requiring my attention. Some questions sort of just sit there, others are more demanding, as if they "want out". When in contact with someone else, I have the same thing... Usually if they come for help, or have a problem and just want to "spill" and use me as a sounding board, I sit there with them, letting them talk, I notice a question arising within me, I give it some attention, and usually that question can either be asked directly to the other person, or they answer the question just because conversation gets there (perhaps even because I picked up the question they dropped, held it in the light and mirrored it to them subconsciously... something about which I have been wondering on and off). But sometimes a question sort of "asks" for Spirit's insight. So I let that question come up, I play around with the form of the question for a while, until the question (or focus) feels clear.

Once that question has been formed, I either stand in front of my shelf of books/cards, or visualize it, and see which one speaks to me at that moment. If cards speak to me, I hold them, let them play through my fingers until it feels that they are one with me, I sometimes feel it as though my hands are no longer searching the cards but caressing them. Then, depending on the cards I am using, I either shuffle them lightly and focus on the question (focus is off of the cards), until one of the cards (sometimes two) sort of leap out. Then I determine whether I feel urged to either read the book about it or go with my own interpretation. If it is a book that drew my attention, I either let the book fall open on a certain page, or I have a number in my mind which might correspond with a page, and then I let my eyes tell me which sentence or paragraph or perhaps chapter, is wanting attention. Sometimes it is simply the image on the front of a book that is what is needed.

I don't always do this for the other person. Sometimes I just quickly do it for myself, so that I may have a focus for listening through "Spirit's ears" at what the other person is saying. Sometimes it gives me the right focus to ask a question which suddenly illuminates the situation for the other. Sometimes I just "jump up" midsentence after I get an image of a book or of a set of cards, I ask the other person to give me a number (with my cards for instance, there are 72 cards,... with books there might be up to 200 pages) and I go get that, see what corresponds with that number and just get on with it. My friends know that I do this and take it as a personal quirk.

For myself, I take it as it comes. Sometimes I need to shed some light on something and I let it come to me (book, cards, even music or lyrics)... but only after I have clearly formed a question or focus. If that hasn't been done, I seem to get "shards" of info... I find myself singing a particular line in a song over and over, or I keep noticing a certain word everywhere, or three people use the same word which isn't common in daily life (and that could be people just walking past while in town, or a word caught on a radio channel). I see that as synchronicity that is helping me form a question or focus.

How do I know it is Spirit? It is instantaneous, it feels unmovable, it feels like a missing link of a puzzle, it sheds instant light. I feel an inner conviction about conveying the message, in which I don't have to use my head. It feels very solid and sound. I tend to feel somewhat insecure about "head-knowledge" or even Ego, since I am so cautious of not letting Ego take over... but when these messages come, I just feel 100% sure, there is no hesitation.

As for images that accompany a card or text, I haven't found the key to those yet. Sometimes they are there, sometimes they aren't. I tend to use them as symbolic associations. Sometimes I feel called to relate the image, sometimes I feel it relates to something I need to be aware of for myself. Usually when something relates to me personally, I also feel a physical location that draws my attention. I combine the two of them, and sometimes it is a call for more "neutrality" (to let me know which part of me is at risk of becoming involved in it... usually then there is a message there for both the other person and myself!). Sometimes it is just something to take along in the conversation.

I don't sit down and "do a spread" for others. That doesn't feel right to me. It is something that happens in passing while doing something else... a moment, a flash, and then we carry on with what we were doing or totally shift gears.

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