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Standing People, Stone People, Totems, Messengers of All Kinds
By EagleSinging

Avebury UK. ©Gloria Hazell-Derby

The Spiritual World is so rich and complex. I was taking my quiet time this morning and I asked "so what's up with all these different ways of connecting with spirit".....standing people, stone people, Fae, spirit messengers in all forms - animal totems, angels, guides, and spirit keepers..... (and I'm not even talking about dreams, synchronicity, and those moments of clarity). I was shown circles merging, overlaying, melding, separating yet ALWAYS in motion, always FLUID. Separate, complete in themselves and part of One. In some way I realize as I'm typing this that well "yes of course." To take it deeper for me, I was wondering how some of you here at SL see this, or is it something that "just is" for you and you've had no questions about it. Yep, this says it all!

You were shown great symbols of how it all works, Eagle Singing. *smile* *grin* I just started to try to say how I see things ... but it sounded stealthy, artificial. In earnest I am one who really doesn't think much about it, for me it is simply so! *crooked smile* ... but then I am one who grew up with my abilities, so it was all natural ... even though it was late in life that I found my spirituality and understood more about my guides etc. This way all was natural for me, no question had to be asked.

I'm not sure if I'm answering your question or not, but for me they are all Oneness. I feel that Oneness/Source/God 'shapeshifts' (if you like) into a form that we can see, understand or relate to. I have received messages from so many different sources that I am left feeling that ultimately, it is all about connecting with the divine spark within myself, and that when I am connected, I simply know.

Perhaps the standing people, totems, stone people etc. are all 'incarnations' of our higher selves, of our inner essence. Since we tend to doubt ourselves, and often look outside for knowledge, maybe these 'beings' introduce us to our inner knowing in a package that we can accept. I have noticed a common sense of humor between my various messengers. And I often say that 'spirit' has a wicked sense of humor.

This commonality has made me feel that all of these messengers are one, and are somehow connected to me. Not the 'me' that you see every day, but the one who is eternal, who will continue to be after I leave this body.

Hi, Yes, kind of like WindDancer said, but when I express it I don't know if this will make sense. To me, it's all little / big, whatever sized points on the Great Web of Consciousness. Everyone has a language and, except sometimes for humans, they all speak of The Same Thing, all point to The Same Reality, only in their different ways of being and in their own language. We each hear the language we are more attuned to, so there are many ways to tell and to hear the story. We are all like individuated creations, expressions, manifestations, dreams and wishes of the Great One. And if we are lucky we can hear each other's stories in whatever way we can perceive them best.

Jimmy WhiteBear:
Think of the infinity of the Medicine Wheel within the Medicine Wheel. How many ways is there to connect to creator/creation?...

I don't have questions about the multitude of spirit forms that present themselves. To me it makes sense, has always been that way, and it 'fits' the 'big picture'. Think of the life forms that inhabit Mother Earth...go out into the universe and see the planets that have some form of life...we're not the only one, I've always felt that an arrogant thought. Think of the dimensions we can tap into and the inhabitants they contain. Why not a multitude of life forms and entities? Why not? It seems totally natural to me that the universe is infinite in its populations. With the variety of beliefs that humans have the messengers are going to need to adapt to those beliefs in some way to establish communication. While the essence of life is the same in all of us the expressions are different. We all come from the same source, as do the messengers. Because they are in energy form they are free to shape-shift to anything we are willing to embrace. Spirit sends those we will embrace to us, knowing well in advance how our minds perceive. At least that's been my experience.

"I was shown circles merging, overlaying, melding, separating yet ALWAYS in motion, always FLUID. Separate, complete in themselves and part of One."

And that's the nutshell...wait until it cracks open!

BearFlute/Doug Luzar:
To me, it seems that there are so many different ways to connect to Spirit, because, Everything is Spirit. There is nothing that is not. It is all Spirit connecting with Spirit. Kinda like two mirrors facing each other, whatever is in-between them looking at itself is reflected back unto infinity. Wheels within wheels within wheels...within wheels..........However, if a chimpanzee looks at itself in the mirror, it is not self-aware enough when young to realize it is looking at itself. Mostly we are like young chimpanzees, so when I try to connect with a Tree, I forget that I am connecting with me. That it is my reflection I see. Sometimes I am not real good at explaining things, so I hope I didn't offend anyone by calling us all chimps. Listen for the Flute on the Breeze.

BearFlute that was great - what a wonderful description. Shame we don't have any chimp emoticons - who would have thought?!!

I am so blessed to know you all. I'm in awe. Each of you have gifted me new perspectives. It is my learned experience to categorize and organize and as I look back Spirit was showing me in a way I can relate to the message. You've added a depth that imbedded this Truth deeper within me. I sense it is time to shed my categories and organization and just accept. Hmmm. I was feeling a little foolish posting the thread, but Spirit nudged me to do it and now I understand why. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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