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(The main post has been removed by the Author as well as some answers from this thread. Sorry.)

Thank you for bringing up this question! “The reason behind it is I've had personal dealings with people following dark paths over the years and at one stage I could have really done with advice on how to protect myself from negative forces and had no-one to ask. Got me wondering. What if others out there ever get into similar situations? Where do you find help/advice?” I know for myself there have been times when I was confronted by these dark entities and ended being made miserable by their energy. When I was young I had no one to talk to about what was happening... even trying to talk about such occurrences would just get me strange stares, blank looks, or worse... questions about my sanity! In more recent times I have had good friends who understand about these things and they have been wonderful sources of information and support. And now I also have the community of Spirit Lodge to ask for guidance and information. Over the years though I have come up with and learned ways of detecting these entities relatively quickly (i.e. it took me 14 years to realize my ex-husband was as toxic as he is... but it only took me 4 months to realize my now ex housemate was also toxic in many of the same ways ). There are some individuals that I recognize very quickly are not health folk to be around so the relationship never gets beyond the "hi, how are you" stage .... other folks seem OK, or very nice, or even "Wow, what a wonderful person" at first meeting but over time I begin to notice patterns of behavior in them and in me that signal trouble. For me warning signs include: 1-always feeling tired or drained when I leave a particular person's presence 2-experience the other person as intrusive, "nosy", judgmental, or always super needy (i.e. always putting their needs first no matter what else might be going on) 3-having "fix it" thoughts about the person- i.e. me wondering, thinking, planning how I could

"fix" the other person - this is a bad trait as it indicates judgmentalness on my part- something I am not proud of. 4-finding myself becoming prickly, defensive, or grumpy when in the other's presence- as that is not my general nature this is particularly telling 5-finding myself being evasive or withdrawn with the other person, being unable or unwilling to be direct with him or her, and becoming unwilling to share even day to day feelings and experience much less soul-deep thoughts and emotions 6-having strange or frightening dreams where this other person or a representation of them plays a major part. 7-having an increase in illnesses such as headaches, stomach aches, colds, or just generally feeling blah 8-having feelings of suspiciousness about the other person's actions and/or motives... Just because you're paranoid does not mean someone is not out to get you. LOL (I recently found out that the ex-housemate has been telling one of our coworkers that she thinks I am a Satanist because of my using smudge and because I like to drum and dance under the full moon ??????) Basically it comes down to being mindful of the undercurrents of any relationship, keeping one's danger radar on, and trusting one's gut instincts.

Frater Anhur:
HMMMMMM.....I thought I'd add a word or two from my own experience with Dark "entities" of the Astral. Something I would like to say about the main writer's comment regarding her "witchy neighbor" not using any banishing or cleansing before channel spirits...In my opinion, which is also the opinion of various authors and experts on High Magick that I have encountered (yes...MR CROWLEY INCLUDED!) believe this activity to be the worst kind of heresy, Black Magick in the truest sense as they, and I, understand it. The "medium" (that is all this person can really be considered as, for there is no control over what comes in or out of the "witch"...) opens him/herself up to anything in his/her vicinity on the astral, and normally one is surrounded by the astral junk of the lower sub-conscious, the empty shells of nightmares, obsessions, un-formed astral spirits and intelligences, that occupy the lower planes of the Astral Light, and thus making body and mind open to possession.

Invocation of a GOD or ANGEL is something wholly different as you all might now, they are pure and perfect form. This is why any practitioner of theurgy worth his/her salt will use a banishing technique before and after astral working and meditation, thus prohibiting anything less that the pure and perfect Astral Light to enter within his/her consciousness, unless She so desires for these lesser entities to be invoked. This would serve very little purpose as no benefit can be found in the astral junk of the darker planes. No divine knowledge can be found therein. It is darkness!

Evocation of dark entities is another matter. To bring the lesser devils and demons of the Lower Astral to visible appearance outside a banished sphere of protection, and them bring them under the superior WILL of the MAGE, through the guiding authority of his HOLY GUARDIAN ANGEL, is to master the thought-forms of the lower self. Mastery over these demons is mastery of one's own mind, they are the impure, unformed and undesired thoughts, compulsions, obsessions, imprints and conditioning hidden from sight in the sub-conscious mind of the MAGE. To see the dark entities of another person running wild, as some here have witnessed personally, is the sign of a wholly irresponsible practitioner of Astral work, or to be more precise, BLACK MAGICK. It serves no good to mankind, to does nothing good at all. It is JUNK!!! and the poor soul who is responsible, due to the fact that the universe balances everything evenly within itself, will receive "karmic return" but will probably not see it due to the obsessions that have filled the tortured mind, thus being seen by others as moods, compulsions, obsessions, perversions, etc...

If demons and spirits are uncontrolled, these impure citizens of the lower plane of the sub-conscious will run wild, then they could easily be, and perhaps not intentionally, sent to scare and hurt others.

As far as protecting oneself from such destructive thought-forms or entities, a banishing for some sort may be considered necessary. But this should be done on the astral also, invoking the purest of essences to enforce the circle of protection so that no entity lower may cross, and are sent fleeing from the clean sphere within the consciousness of the Magician. I read a book on this subject by Dion Fortune, a member of the original Golden Dawn Tradition, that is entitled "Psychic Self-Defense". (or something like that...) It provides interesting techniques to repel psychic attack, although this is believed to be a rare thing. Most of time, I have experienced these as unintentional, merely being projected without the conscious knowledge of the individual.

Frater Anhur:
Hello, Sorry about mixing up the identities of the individuals you mentioned in your previous post, my memory can be considered rather poor at this time, for reasons all too obvious (to me)!

I understand your point regarding the evocation of spirits. I fear though, that I have profaned this ART somewhat in my own small understanding and ignorance resulting from my lack of experience on the matter. Dabbling is one thing, but 30 years of experience is something else entirely...I believe it all comes down to what these spirits are? Something to be removed? Or...as I like to think...a demon headed tiger mask for a big eyed kitten, who, through conditioning on already unstable imprints, has been to look like a monster and needs to be tamed and made to heal along the path of the Higher Self. An arachnophobic may see a spider as a ghastly beast, horrid, vile and dangerous, but the biologist may see the beauty of nature, the incredible specializing power of nature, a unique and beautiful little angel essence called Spider! Thanks for sharing your opinions once more, they are always greatly appreciated.

Hey, Great topic! I’m rushing through tonight, but one thing Fratur said really pricked my ears up as it is something i have often wondered:

“Invocation of a GOD or ANGEL is something wholly different as you all might now, they are pure and perfect form.”

How does one know that a god or angel energy is actually what one is encountering? Just a thought....

The higher energy forms feel *lighter* warm, loving, and good. The Dark energy forms feel *heavy* cold, challenging and bad. It's in the energy signature.

Crow, Our dreamtime is when we resolve issues that our conscious mind cannot resolve. Could it be that the dreams were your way of resolving the feelings that these cats brought you?

It sounds like you were making a choice to destroy what you perceived to be evil?

As you know, lessons return in different forms - are you being asked to seek Light on some subject at this time? To again destroy something that you perceive to be evil - or just to challenge your perceptions of evil at this time? Is something you consider evil, or something that creates a sense of fear within you as those cats perhaps did, asking you to challenge your perception of it?

Only you can tell in the end - but I just thought I'd add my interpretation..

If the cats came after the dream, was there something else that, if you were to look back now, you could see that was a concern to you at the time you had these dreams?

It could be something as simple as the house move: you say you had not been in the house long before these dreams started: I had a hard time when I moved from a small primary school to a large comprehensive: change can sometimes effect children in ways adults cannot understand. Ok the house move may not be the answer - it was just an example of something "else" going on that may have triggered the cat dreams...

Quite often when we are struggling with something we need an external focus to "blame" our reactions on: the cats may have become that focus particularly after the dreams…Just trying to look at things from a different perspective...turning things around a little...

For what it's worth I'll add my $.02 worth. I think that even at a young age you were a very sensitive person- sensitive to the emotional under currents around you- sensitive to the energies as well. I suspect that you "knew" on some unconscious level that the "witch" who lived near you was someone to be wary of. Your dreams about the cats attacking you and you killing them may have been your unconscious mind fighting off the negative energies that surrounded that individual. She probably had cats as her familiar and "sent" them to your yard to hunt... and to intimidate you on an unconscious level.... And she may also have "sent" them, mentally, to haunt your dreams. For ones who practice dark arts, a young person of power and talent such as yours would be very attractive. They would want to possess or take that power for themselves or would want to "seduce you to the dark side". (Sorry if this sounds too much like Star Wars- it's hard to know what words to use to describe such experiences and such processes ).

You were protecting yourself and fighting a very good and effective fight against being drawing into the "witch's" web of lies and negative energies. Even at that age you knew who you are and what you are all about... even if you were not able to articulate it at the time. When faced with a being or force that is attacking you, your choices are to run away, lie down, give up and die, or fight back and over power the attacker. You knew what to do in your dreams to protect yourself and destroy the attacker.

What are your dreams telling you these days about the current fears? Do you unconsciously know what needs to be done to take care of the source of those fears? I suspect you do.

Dark entities.... I got a simple view on ‘em - feel around ‘em - squish ‘em. There's no playing footsies with them, no figuring them out... Squish first, ask questions later.

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