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Celestial Hierachy
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Most of us would agree there are different kinds of "Beings/Guides" that bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical plane.

There are numerous opinions as to when angels first appeared, and long standing arguments that linger well into the night over such questions as, what do angels look like, do they appear in human form, do angels come as thoughts, visions, or dreams, are they walking this earth disguised as humans, are but a few of the debating stumbling blocks. There has never been a general consensus on spirit guides and angels. Everyone sees them differently.

What doesn't change however, are the questions people ask when the idea of spirit guides or angels peek their interest. Questions like "How do I get in touch with my guides? Will they want to talk to me? How do I talk with them? What do they look like? How many do I have? Where do they come from?"

Many believe Angels and Spirit Guides are one and the same but it appears from all that has been written, Angels and Spirit Guides differ.

People have known about Spirit Guides for thousands of years. Throughout recorded history, shamans all around the world have been able to go into a trance state to ask for help from Spirits. Spirit guides are entities or beings that have existed in human form, and are currently in the spirit realms or dimensions. Often they are deceased relatives but not always. These individuals have highly evolved and choose to remain close to the Earth plane to act as mentors gently directing us to our own being and keeping us focused on our spiritual goals. I think of Spirit Guides as "Enlightened Ones" for they come to share their expertise and expanded knowledge with those of us still working on our evolvement. They are principally concerned with our soul growth and are prepared to help us through our journey to enlightenment. They are always present - waiting in the wings, however you must invite them in.

While they await our call, they will endeavor to capture our attention in subtle ways. One of mine, a Spirit Guide, Protector - whose name is "Eagle Three Feathers," will elicit my attention by leaving a singular feather in a place where I can find it. Sometimes it just drops down from the sky - out of an apparent no-where - always within my reach.

Angels on the other hand are messengers from God. They have not had a true physical incarnation, as in a full life on earth although they may come to Earth for a segmented piece of time to do their work utilizing a human form, but the bottom line here is that they reside on this plane ONLY for that small particle of time.

Angels are sent to offer guidance, protection and many of the same tasks that guides perform however they do it more by inspiration, that still small voice you often hear. Angels are seen as intercessors helping to carry our prayers to God and to carry out God's will. Angels are said to have existed since the beginning of time, even before Adam and Eve walked out to explore the Garden of Eden and that they are immortal, ageless and androgynous. It is further written, angels serve God and their only agenda is Divine love acting as messengers to oversee our journey without interference. They are seen as our protectors, nurturers and offer guidance when called upon.

In the Angelic Realm, there is a Celestial Hierarchy, sometimes known as the "Holy Order of Angels." Although there are diverse opinions of Angelology clarifying the different ranks of angels, one of the most common listings of the hierarchy used, is the one presumably written by Pseudo-Dionysis, the Areopagite, a disciple of Saint Paul who studied many sacred texts and arranged the angels into nine choirs, dividing them into three groups:
1. Seraphim, cherubim and thrones
2. Dominions, virtues and powers
3. Principalities, archangels and angels

First Angelic Sphere or Choir - Heavenly Counselors
SERAPHIM - Angels of love, light and fire are the highest order of the angelic hierarchy, always in the presence of God. They are the core of purity and Universal love. There is said to be four of these angelic beings surrounding the throne of God chanting and singing Creator's praise…Holy, Holy, Holy. They are also called "the Burning Ones" because they are aflame with love. The Old Testament describes Seraphim as having "six wings; two covering the face, two covering the feet, and two were used for flying."

CHERUBIM - second only to Seraphim, are the next highest order of angels. Cherubims are the "Guardian of the Stars," "Keepers of Celestial Records" and sentinels to the "Tree of Life." They are also depicted on the Ark of the Covenant as its Guardians. The word Cherubim stands for "those who pray." The prophet Ezekiel described them as having four faces and four wings while others see Cherubim as half human and half beast.

THRONES - Thrones rank third in the angelic hierarchy. They are the "Angels of the Planets," each guarding a different planet. Thrones are sometimes referred to as "Wheels" because they act as Creator's transportation. It is said that they are the "charioteers around the "Throne of God."

Second Angelic Sphere or Choir - Heavenly Governors
DOMINIONS - the fourth-ranking order of angels. They are the governors or regulators of all angelic beings who are not as evolved as themselves. They advise the lower ranking angel groups and are often shown carrying orbs or golden staffs as symbols of their authority.

VIRTUES - are the fifth-ranking order of angels. Sometimes known as "Brilliant" or "Shining Ones," they transmit enormous beams of divine light. They are the angels of miracles and blessings and bestowers of grace, valor and spiritual energy. It is said that the two angels present at the ascension of Christ were from the Virtues.

POWERS - are sixth-ranking in the angelic hierarchy. They may have been the first order of angels created by God. They are the Warriors who protect our souls, avenge evil in the world and oversee birth, death and rebirth. The Powers are thought to be the Keepers of the Akashic Records (the records of all thoughts, deeds and actions that occur during the evolution of each soul.) - I will be writing an article on the Akashic Records at a later date.

Third Angelic Sphere or Choir
PRINCIPALITIES - These angels are the seventh ranking order of angels. They are the overseers of continents, nations, and other large groups and organizations. Their task is to guide leaders of the world. It is said that the angel who helped David slay Goliath was from this order.

ARCHANGELS - are the eighth ranking order of angels. One of the most well-known, Archangels are important messengers of God and Guardians of all the people.

ANGELS - The ninth-ranking order of angels closest to humanity. There are different kinds of angels in this group with a multitude of purposes including Guardian Angels. Guardians are present at our birth, remain with us throughout our life and accompany us at the end of this incarnation.

As we become more conscious of Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians we gradually become attuned to other invisible and yes, even visible helpers.

Sources: The information presented here has been gathered from different sources including: my Guides, and the classes I have attended.

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