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By Nofi

Entities are living beings, sharing this planet with us - manifested entities in human bodies. We meet them in our Dream Lodge, we meet them when we journey or meditate. We meet them in the physical level as well. They are around us at all times. Who are they? Actually, any answer you could think of would be right. They are part of the cosmic web like us, and they vary. They can appear in different shapes and sizes. They come as guides, totems, power animals, ghosts, balls of light, spirit of places, and many more. I'd like to talk about those specific entities that cause us to feel uncomfortable sometimes, and how to deal with them.

When we end our earthly life in a body, we drop our robe - body, the soul is free to move on to the next stage. But there is a catch. Density of earth gravity is heavy. Its very easy to get caught and sink in. Hence many souls stick around on the astral level of earth, which is a less dense dimension of this planet. We usually don't see them with our physical eyes. Once we develop awareness or our "sixth sense", we feel them, and are able to see them with our third eye, the mind`s eye.

Those entities sometimes have reasons for staying here, and sometimes they are just lost ones who need guidance in order to move on. They might want to complete a certain process they didn't finish, they might have a hard time parting from loved ones, they might find it hard to believe they are gone, and won't let go of the life they had. We are all familiar with stories of people who crossed to the Otherside, and were seen in a few places long after they were gone. There are those entities that come to this planet for studying and learning the human way, without having to go through life inside a body. they usually pick a certain person or a small community to study from. Most of them are harmless and quite friendly. And yes, there are those entities that use the negative energy and enjoy bugging us. Many more are living with and around us, we'd love to hear your experiences.

Usually when we come across a negative entity we can tell right away, even if we don't "see" it. The hair on the back of our neck will rise, we would feel alert, discomfort, odd. We know "something" is wrong. When we face it in a public place we would usually have the urge to run away. Not long ago, I went into an antique store. After wandering around the first floor, the woman there showed me there was a basement and invited me to explore. Happy go lucky I went down the stairs and when steeping on the last step I heard an inner scream: STOP !!!

I froze right there and then, one foot still hang in the air, and shifted my awareness.......the place was occupied by six tremendous cold entities, who gave me the chills through each and every cell in my body. I knew for certain that one more step and I'm gone. I had an inner knowing they would suck me in, their power was so great my spirit wouldn't be able to handle them alone.

The alarm inside was so loud, I turned around and ran out of there in full speed, didn't look back. This was an accidental encounter with entities that felt negative. They might have had a mission, I didn't stay long enough to find out. Being in a public place, I was able to leave, and did.

I would like to start with Nofi's first sentence, not that I disagree with it but I feel that it needs to be expanded upon to a degree. Not all things that might be termed entities manifest in a human form. They not only vary in form and function, they vary in intent and intelligence. Many have a slightly aggravating sense of humor and will often do little things to annoy the person (or people) to whom they have attached themselves. Some seem to be the evil personified. Those are the type that one would definitely think people would want to stay away from but this is not always the case. These can, and sometimes do appear as harmless entities, often times appearing to be something with nothing but good intentions to the novice practitioner. Other times, they might not seem that harmless but will try and appeal to human nature by offering you power or something else that you want to have. Of course, this is only an illusion at best, the true power and control remain with the entity. If it can find some way, or anyway to manipulate or coerce you into being a tool, it will do so. Some very powerful magicians have been duped into thinking that they were really the ones in control until such time as it was no longer necessary for the entity to play that game.

Some entities are magical constructs, designed by a magician for a specific purpose. Often times that purpose is to guard a person or property, sometimes for other reasons. These constructs, if built by a magician who is careful in their workings and understand the true nature of magic will have a built in "shelf life", in other words they will be built to deconstruct, their energies returning to the ether from which they were created once their purpose is fulfilled but there are many that were constructed by magicians who did not give them an indicated life span and they continue to roam for hundreds of years. Many of them seem to become more aware and intelligent as time passes and often they are attracted to someone who works magic or to a place where magic is worked or power flows naturally. Most of these are quite harmless and are content to reside in these places for years.

Then there are other entities that do not fall into any acceptable, normal, classification. I am quite well aware that with this I am venturing into territory that many of our more experienced people will disagree with but to me many of the so called "Fairies, Elves, Sprites" and other mythological creatures fall into this category rather than into the magical constructs or some other category. My reasoning for this is really very simple (as is most of my reasoning actually). For the last few years I've been chasing myths of "Little People" from all over the globe. So far, I have stories from many Native American tribes in widely separate areas, stories from South America, Africa, Australia, Europe, and Japan. It is, to me, highly likely that what these actually are is another form of entity altogether.

As I'm positive you are aware by now, we have actually only brushed the surface of this entire subject and there is much more that can and probably should be gone over, either now, in question and answer form or later in other lessons. Many, many things that are termed entities are things that we wish to encourage and have around us and many are not. Their influence, whether benevolent and kind or malevolent and violent can be anywhere from very mild and nearly missed to extremely disruptive. Even those who, like a power animal, have only the best of motivations can cause great disruption to your psyche, simply by doing their job of expanding your knowledge and capabilities. The good news here is that we can ask them to slow down and simply explain that they are presenting things faster than we are able to absorb them. Unless there is a need for haste that they will definitely make us aware of they can and will slow the information down. Often times we have absorbed it sub-consciously and it will surface to the conscious mind either as we need it or at the appropriate time for our learning. Sometimes, if we or they push too fast it can create physical illness that manifests in a myriad of ways. When this is the case, we definitely need to back off for a bit.

I think in the capacity of this space and subject matter we really can only skim the surface of what entities are and the experience of contact with them. As with people, there is going to be good and bad in these beings, they have their own natures that also respond to the forces to which they are attracted feeding off those forces for good or bad. You may be one yourself...a force I mean, you see your thoughts contain energy, just as your emotions do and that creates an energy force. Those who dwell on negative thoughts might find entities will feed off fears, frustrations, lustings, greediness, anger, selfishness, or any other negative energy you might project. Likewise, those that are seeking positive energy will feed off the love, empathy, compassion, generosity, and service you project to others. They are the *others* too, it's not just people that we touch in the process of living our lives. The physical world is multi-dimensional, but until that is accepted the individual is unaware of those other dimensions and their inhabitants. Being blind to these realms of existence they perceive the physical reality as the only one and go about their lives oblivious to the fact that there are *others* out there. Awareness of dimensional realities brings insight, it also opens doors to these entities perhaps manifesting themselves to you. This is when people (for good or bad) may feel the presence of someone intangible around them, they may feel haunted, and they may experience a certain level of innate comfort in working with entities…a sense of it being guarded over or watched that is quite natural for them. It is also natural to feel a certain level of discomfort or confusion at first.

In the dimensional definitions there are a wide ranges and varieties of entities you may or may not come into contact with. As Tink mentioned, there are the Fey or "Little People" and their presence is acknowledged in the folklore of cultures around the world. That's an example of just one dimension. Others may have human form and dwell in a dimension similar to the physical reality that we know. Still others may be entirely different taking on the appearance of glowing balls of light ranging in different colors, dark shapes, alien beings that are strange in countenance until you get used to working with them. There are *species* of entities just as there are different lifeforms here on Earth. It is important to acknowledge the folklore of different cultures because it is the voice of the people themselves as they express their phenomenal experiences-the way they hand down their stories, their truths, and a place of safe keeping for those who will recognize them in ages to follow. Learning to see the seeds of truth and define the fancy dressings put upon them, or the masks of illusion that keep them safe, is important. Look to the core of the tales and you will find the seeds. You will see through cultural studies that the crux of these tales are the same. Names, places, and illustrations may vary, but the gist of the matter will stay consistent. I went into depth on this in the essay on The Value of Myth so I will not take further issue with it here. You are welcome to read that at your leisure.

Back to the dimensional definitions. Aside from the Fey there are many other dimensions to explore. For example: there are the elemental realms of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth just to mention a few and all are inhabited by entities that dwell there. They are real worlds and life exists in many forms within them. Within these contexts are various entities and I'll share a little about them with you. Air brings us to the door of the Sylphs, Fire brings us to the Salamanders, Water to the Undines, and Earth to the Gnomes according to some traditional cultural experiences these entities are perfuse in folktales. In many ways some of these entities overlap the lore of the Fey and tend to be of European perception. In the Native American lore there are other entities attributed to these realms known as Spirit Keepers and they are: Eagle of Air, Mouse and/or Coyote of Fire, Bear of Water, and Buffalo of Earth (some tribal nations may have slight variations in this respect). In the Christian context there are the Archangels who rule the four quarters and they are: Air being ruled by the Archangel Raphael, Fire is ruled by the Archangel Michael, Water by the Archangel Gabriel, and Earth by the Archangel Auriel or Uriel. Every culture and faith has a term to define them, a description of their attributes, and what their capabilities are.

What is important to understand here is that the attributes remain consistent no matter what the physical description might be. Remember these entities, being of other dimensional realms, are comprised of the pure essence of that element, of the ether, of the spiritual dimensions. They are pure energy. Thus the forms they choose to manifest themselves with are transformations of that energy to perceptive focuses we will be able to accept. If we believe in Angels we may find ourselves face to face with one. If we can accept the realm of the Fey we may find those entities appearing, or perhaps the animal essence of the Native American Spirit Keepers and Totems which is also found in Celtic traditions and other shamanic teachings. These are only a handful of examples of the nature spirits that we might encounter, but there are hosts of others. Tink and Nofi both touched on some of them and there simply is not space here to take them all into account.

Instead of defining their shapes, sizes, and environments, I think it would serve the student better to describe what it feels like when you do begin to encounter an entity and how to interact with them. If the entity is coming to you with a positive service or contact you will feel warmth, pleasant sensations that may affect one or all of your senses. These are beings of Light and they will appear to glow. In contrast if it is a negative force you will feel cold, uncomfortable, nervous, and perhaps even fear. These are beings of Darkness and they will seem to be dark shadowy figures. In most cases, these positive entities try to contact us in as gentle a manner as possible, but you must remember that this is not of the physical, logical, practical world we know and a first experience, no matter how subtle it is presented, can often be a shock to us. Those of the more negative leanings will enjoy shocking us and their presence is often a feeling of being haunted, or stalked and very uncomfortable. This does not mean that we can't be uncomfortable - at first - with the positive ones either. There is a difference in that discomfort, however, and it is distinguished by the intensity of our fears. Is it a subtle feeling of "what is this?" or is it a profound sense of needing to flee from the presence we feel? That will help you define the sensations.

It is very common in both cases to feel the hairs at the back of your neck and along your arms to rise, or perhaps goose bumps to run over your body, a tingling up your spine, perhaps a feeling of being *watched* or some other manifestation. In any case, you will *feel* something grabbing at your attention. Each of our senses have the ability to work independently of one another as well as united. Each of our senses is a respective trigger to get our attention. That's why we have them. Learning to acknowledge them as such we begin to understand their specific *language* or *voice* and it becomes a tool we can hone. Now this applies to all work we may do on any level, but it is very functional when it comes to working with dimensions and those that inhabit them. So looking to your senses to guide you is something you need to develop. It will seed the way for you to decipher future communications in a wide array of capacities.

What I have found in my experience with the various entities I've encountered is that if the intent to make communication is proper they will present themselves in some fashion. It may be a subtle feeling of not being alone but in the presence of another that one cannot see; it may be by meeting with us face to face; it could be in the Dream Lodge (where we are more conditioned to accept the unusual as permissible); it may be in the form of an apparition; it may be the physical manifestation of that being; or countless other ways of getting our attention. Whatever the form of that contact, the intentions you hold, the desire to learn, share, and grow from the experience, well, these will determine your success or failure in creating a bond.

Our Totems, Power Animals, Spirit Guides, and High Teachers fall into these categories as well and they are all there to expedite our spiritual evolution, help us through our lessons, and bring us to enlightenment. This is not to say that they won't challenge us, they will, they want to know how determined we are to work with them and to grow. Standing up to that challenge is what they are watching for, and they expect us to challenge them too. In our challenge we are to question them. Ask why they have come; ask who they are; ask what they have to share; ask what they want from you in exchange (if they are a positive lifeform that price you are to pay will be just and it will be to yield up some negative part of your nature that is no longer useful to the life you are leading…if they are negative entities the request will be something of the Self within you that you must defend rather than surrender and there will be an instant recognition by that Self that something is powerfully amiss.); ask who sent them; ask whatever it is you need to know that will allow you to be comfortable with them.

As Tink mentioned, some of the more negative entities will mask themselves at first and being alert is important. However, a being of positive energy will leave little doubt in your mind, and as she said, those who wear a false mask do so to feed into the lust people have for power or greed. Again the issue of personal integrity will define your being duped by them. If your purpose is of the highest intent you have nothing to fear. The entities of negative influence feed off negative energy we emit, and if you are projecting positive energy they are repulsed by it. There are also those who are like psychic vampires, those that feed off the unwary and unsuspecting. You will often hear tales of hauntings or possessions and in these cases those who are schooled in dealing with them will be called in to assist that particular individual be it a priest, a shaman, or a medium of some sort. The purpose, then, becomes one of cleansing the individual or performing an exorcism. This is why you hear of so many people doing a rite of purification before they being any spiritual working. It may be smudging themselves or some other form of taking in only positive energies and expelling all negativity to create a sense of balance and centeredness.

The reality of these lifeforms or beings existing is noted throughout the annals of time. It is told to us by all cultural and religious traditions. Taking that into account, the evidence is quite profuse when we undertake to explore it. What is asked of us is that we accept the reality of their presence, learn to work with them, or reject them as the case may be. Are they good and evil? To an extent the answer is yes. Their intentions are. They are beings of dimension that step back and forth for a multitude of reasons and those reasons are what define the good and evil. As pure energy they are neutral until they are moved to take action and that motivation, or intention, is what we must use to define their natures. Just as with people, they have personalities which comprise the capability to encompass various choices and reflections of them. Just as any species here in the physical reality there are different levels of intelligence and thought capability.

We can choose to interact or reject them. This leads to the issue of rejection and shielding ourselves from those we want no contact with. If we desire to block contact we can do so by emphatically rejecting it. We can consciously wrap ourselves in a protective shield of positive energy that will allow no negative forces in. Our own focus, thought patterns, and intentions will act as a shield too. Remember we attract what we project. Some people will cast spells if that is the nature of the path they walk. Others will call for energies they want around them, or create tools to act in that capacity. Still others, by their very nature will do this naturally by walking their paths in the Light of Spirit creating a natural barrier. Those who are more experienced with these types of working are often called upon to help the less experienced who are having trouble doing so. Sometimes Spirit calls upon us to serve in this capacity as well as calling upon the entities themselves to serve us. Just as these entities are varied, so are the reasons for contact.

If we harbor fears that sense of contact is going to be uncomfortable. Much like entering a room of strangers, our shyness will overcome our success unless we are willing to accept them for who they are, and accept that we are worthy of their presence. Once we do make contact and begin working with them we are able to gather Keys, or gain the knowledge, that will allow us to penetrate the portals to their realms and explore them much deeper. We begin to grow and in the process we find many aspects of enlightenment shining through which in turn expands our levels of knowledge and enlightenment in a continual process of building upon that which we already hold.

The more we work with them the greater our capacity to understand their natures, their teachings, and their realms. As we expand our knowledge we begin to see the unlimited classrooms that Spirit has provided for us and along with that the unlimited facets of teaching us our lessons. The variety of Teachers who can manifest themselves to us is conducive to the potential for spiritual evolution and our recognition of the need to nurture it.

Not only do these encounters lead to spiritual growth, but they also spill over into our mundane lives where we can establish a continual strengthening of these lines of communication. In that process we develop an exchange that allows our lives to be guided in ways that others would call psychic perceptions, and which we come to understand as simple reality we can tap into. Once the understanding is ours through our experiences the mystery begins to unfold, the fears we harbor fade, and we often become fast friends with these different entities. In that friendship or relationship, as it grows and becomes stronger, we may also find that we are asked to act in some fashion on their behalf…a fair exchange for the services they provide for us.

An example might be a situation arising, say, in an elemental realm where they need our help. It is no different than another person whom you consider to be your friend asking you for help. It is not something you even hesitate about, you just do what needs to be done. In that process there is always experience to be had and growth to come of it. Sometimes Spirit blesses us with gifts so that we can grow and lend a stronger hand to the situation, and these gifts remain with us for future use in other capacities. Always there is an exchange and when our actions are of our highest integrity there are blessings that follow. Never are we to expect these blessings, but they should be anticipated and we need to know they too wear many guises. It is a process of discovery, an adventure, a journey we take and in that process we find that the journey itself has gifted us with much more than we could have imagined.

There are many entities, spirits that inhabit locations here on Earth, some that are acting in the capacity of Guardians of those locations, or expediters of the work that is done there, and quite often as Teachers. In Native American terms these are often called the Spirit of Place and they will defend their locations from abuse or intrusion with a ferocious tenacity against those who have come for the wrong reasons. They will also embrace those that come for the right purposes and lend their own powers to the work being done; guiding, instructing, and supporting the individual's efforts. If your intentions, your integrity, and work are impeccable you have absolutely nothing to fear from them and everything to gain. It is a beautiful and fascinating experience each time you have an encounter, and even when challenged, there are wonders that manifest. In the end they will be treasures no matter how strongly you must exercise your own efforts. Those rewards are always, always, always equal to whatever sacrifice you must make, and in most cases exceed the effort you exert. I encourage anyone to explore these options, to open themselves to the benefits of working with dimensional beings, and to take that point of contact as far as you can. The rewards will be outstanding and the growth will be awesome. Truths will be made pertinent to the circumstances you are confronted with, they will be validated and proven to you, and in that you will become enlightened beyond your wildest dreams. It is a *very* good thing.

Exercising caution initially is always a rule of thumb that should be strictly adhered to and that can be done in the initial contact simply by returning any challenge you are confronted with. Find out why the meeting is taking place, who has come to you, what they want from you, and what you are willing to do in exchange for what they offer. Once the groundwork is done in this area you will have laid the foundation for that relationship and all future encounters with that respective entity. The relationship begins on the strong footing of mutual respect and it builds from there. Anything less is simply not acceptable. You wouldn't approach a stranger on any less a term than that, so the rules of etiquette are simply extended through the dimensions as well.

Life is a simple pattern when we understand it, and working with the entities is also. We are the ones that complicate it and we do that by blinding ourselves through thinking that there must be something deeper in meaning, something we aren't seeing, something that is hidden from us. Truth be known Spirit makes things as simple as possible for us, this type of contact is more often than not very subtle, and its mask is only the illusion we place on it. If we think these things do not exist, that entities are out of the pages of myth and fantasy, then we will not have contact with them because we are in denial. If, on the other hand, we accept them for who and what they are we open a phenomenal door and our lives are enhanced in ways I can only hint at here.

This essay about entities is on an introductory level. Interactions, situations, and experiences with them lead to furthering the knowledge you can gain about them. Volumes of books exist that express examples of encounters, depict blessings as well as risks, and paint a broad picture of Otherworlds along with their inhabitants. The forms these beings take, the worlds they come from, and the wisdoms they can share with us are only limited by our ability to accept them and embrace them as something we can be a part of. Even in denial we remain a part of them, but it becomes something we have closed our eyes to and thus shut out. Often in a case such as that these entities are forced to take on the role of our Guardians, our Protectors, or what some would call Guardian Angels. It is a role of one-way communication and it limits us pathetically. It also makes us mule-like and must frustrate them to no end, but they don't give up on us and walk away. They do what they are inclined to do for the reasons Spirit has given them. We have so much to lose in denying them that communication and so much more to gain by acceptance.

Like Tink, Nofi, and Silver Eagle Dream Dancer, I hope that this insight will stimulate questions, create more curiosity, and give cause for you to explore the issues. Please feel free to post your questions as they arise. We will do all we can to clarify them as best we can, and to give you direction in making your initial contacts if you have that need. Opening this door is only the beginning to a wondrous and fascinating aspect of your spiritual path. Using common sense is a simple rule of thumb to follow, and asking for help is not something to be ashamed of. We will help, and so will the entities themselves. You can ask for them to make initial contact in the Dream Lodge (another essay on that subject is here in the Knowledge Center for your perusal) where your logical mind will not fight you in accepting them. There you will begin to recognize their presence, and the first stages of interaction will take place; it will grow, expanding into other areas of your life and consciousness. It's a great place to start, to test the waters, and begin your work. It is not the only place, but it's a good one. Another is through journey work, guided visualizations that allow you to slip the veils of dimensional realms and enter into theirs. Sometimes sacred sites are conducive to this, but they are not always necessary and if you are able to journey you will surely encounter beings of these Otherworld realms.

We wish you the greatest success in your efforts, and the patience to go through the process remaining steadfast in your efforts. It doesn't always happen the first time you attempt to make contact and in many cases it will take several tries. Each time you make that effort you will find yourself coming closer to the success you are striving for. When you do reach that point of breakthrough the elation is exciting. We want to hear your stories, and hope that you will be sharing them with us soon. We look forward to your questions and sharing our own experiences with you so that you will have comparisons to make. This is an exhilarating area to explore and it's one that creates a hunger for more. Do not be surprised if contacts here lead to a springboard for many others areas of interest and growth; it's part of the process and it feeds both your physical and spiritual evolution on all levels - the choice to accept or deny this reality is yours.

The others have covered the topic well, in my opinion so for my addition, I'd like to offer some experiences I've had with entities by way of illustrating the relationships that are possible. I personally keep myself available for spiritual work at all times. When you do that though, you never know when or where that may happen.

One that comes immediately to mind happened in a booth at Denny’s - of all places. I was sitting with a woman, it was actually a job interview to work in a local psychic bookstore. I knew her only by reputation and having seen her a few times in the store while I was looking around. While we were going over my experience and range of 'talents' I was becoming very distracted. I was trying to listen to her but I kept hearing a name over and over again. Seeing my discomfort, she asked what the problem was. I told her the name I kept hearing and her eyes got big. I'd just landed myself in what was to be one of the most transforming experiences I would have up till then. Seems it's what her husband had called her, when he was alive. He'd passed on sometime before.

She told me that he'd never moved on and she didn't know why so I asked him. Now, here's a place to bring up another good point. People often don't change much personality wise after they pass. I've always treated them as though I'm just talking to them normally and many have told me that was very appreciated. Consequently, whatever foibles or personality quirks they have, they will still have. This guy liked to argue himself into a circle. The more I communicate with him, the more I could 'see'. I could tell that his guides were there and the situation was such that he could pass on, he simply wouldn't. So he'd sequestered himself by a rock nearby a circle of light and huddled in for the long haul. I could also feel it wasn't cause he didn't want to - he was afraid to go. I was asked by her and his guides to just talk between him and his wife and we would see what happened. So I was in the middle of their ongoing feud for a bit while he fought with himself, using us.

As we talked, as his fears subsided one by one, he became brighter and didn't feel as heavy as before. Two pots of coffee later, we came to the real reasons he didn't want to go. Those are as individual and personal as each of us get. There came a time around then where he could feel a 'pulling' as though the light was drawing him closer. At first he was afraid but that only lasted for a second. Then he saw someone standing in the light for him. By then I was so tuned, I saw what he saw. I couldn't tell who it was because the light was so bright but, he knew then it was time to go and he was ready. The fight was over.

He asked me if I would relay one more message - that he loved her and then he walked into the light. The man had a wonderful sense of humor. One of the things he was afraid of was that everyone he'd met that went into the light acted like what he called Pod People a reference to a movie called "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". When he entered the light, he hollered back - "Hey I'm not a Pod Person." and he was gone.

She and I sat with our tears and silence for a few moments. Neither of us knew what to say. Our waitress was offering us yet another pot of coffee and wondering if she should call the guys in the white coats. A few moments passed and then all of the sudden I was 'hit' with the most pure energy - I can't even to this day describe it. But it felt like everything in my life had just been evened out. Needless to say - I got the job.

We were at the door of the restaurant when she looked over at me and said 'He's really gone now...' She hadn't been prepared to grieve. She's always sensed him and now she didn't. I said -'That's what you said you wanted - him to go on.' Sometime later, I'd learn through friends that she blamed me for him passing. Not such a good end to the story but it happened.

The second one that comes to mind is moving to Japan. I had a crashing headache for two weeks before I figured out what the problem was. The Ancestors here stay - and they were all taking at once. For those of you that have seen the Disney film 'Mulan', it's just like that. Centuries of people - whole families and communities still active and hanging around. Some nice, some not so nice. And the concept of 'passing on' is foreign to them. It took a while for us to learn to communicate with each other. Language barriers and conceptual ideas here are different. Imagine you told a joke that was uproariously funny in Sweden but no one in the States got it. No common background. Communication with them was like that at first for me. And I had a hard time getting past the fact that they didn't want to move on. I didn't understand. I'd thought it was the natural course but apparently over here, it isn't. That astonished me. Now, not every Japanese person that ever passed stayed. I don't want to give that impression. It's those of ancestor worship that do. They feel it's their duty.

Once a year those through the veil are invited out of their tombs for a celebration with their families. The tomb yards here (not graves but tombs) have picnic grounds and play grounds. They are offered spirit money, drink, food and a place at the table. It's a time for families to reunite and catch up in a more substantial way then the rest of the year. It's called Obon and we just celebrated a few weeks ago. Like Halloween, it's considered a time when the veils between worlds are thin and communication is easier. But unlike other cultures I've studied, it is truly a celebration of both the living and those that passed on. In a sense, death is seen as a movement to another plane of existence, as is birth. During those times, I go to the tomb of a man from China who saved this island by bringing sweet potatoes from China in a time of famine here. He was one of the first to welcome me here - once we could understand each other. I asked permission to talk about the Ancestors before I began writing about it. They are a very private group but, partly through necessity, and partly thorough curiosity - we've explored eachothers’ worlds and come out richer. If you ever come to this part of the world and have that crashing headache - just tell ‘em Silver Eagle sent ya. Be respectful, ask permission and be ready to learn. If you are easily offended - don't even try.

And that's just two of the stories in the years I've been tuning to entities. For some it's a scary thing. For others it's a mystical thing. For me, it's part of who I am and a choice I make. Have I ever been attacked? Yes. It is a valid concern when dealing with some of the realms. Know you protections well and don't be shy about asking for help. Knowing yourself, both dark side and light side are crucial to protection, in my opinion. A strong connection with your Creator is vital. But mostly - if I you pinned me down and tickled me and asked me what the one thing that is most important in my view - you got to have a strong heart. It isn't easy to hear their stories. It isn't easy in times like we've seen as a world, the last few days. I've had dreams of people who were lost, as in couldn't find their way to where they were going. Sometimes, they need to talk about how they died and all you can do is cry with them. Sometimes, they don't even know they aren't embodied anymore. To straddle the worlds in this way can be an amazing adventure and sometimes, it'll break your heart. So you must have a strong one. Helping someone in the ways that those who do this do... is nothing short of healing - just in another way.


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