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Getting to Know Your Guides
By CinnamonMoon

So many people initiate their spiritual path looking for someone to provide all the answers…they want a physical teacher to tell them all they want to know. It's important to understand that spiritual development isn't about answers on a silver platter; it's about learning to find them yourself. The purpose of Spirit Lodge is to Bridge that passage helping you find a way to achieve the connections you need-connections that will provide those answers. This means getting to know your Guides intimately, establishing a relationship with them that is as strong as any relationship you might have in the physical sense of the word. Connecting with guidance initiates entry into realms you have yet to imagine, into experiences beyond your dreams, and a way of life that is all inclusive.

Some individuals come here already having been introduced to their Guides while others have no clue how to make contact. By exploring Native teachings one naturally encounters their Guides and Spirit Helpers. That's when things really get exciting and the breakthroughs begin. Every one of us is capable of having these breakthroughs if we are willing to do our own part and with time and effort to achieve. As a student you can take this as far as you want and the further you go the more Guides you'll meet, the more help you will have to understand things the way YOU need to understand them. Then you're in college with a Master Degree in the making. *Soft smile*

The knowledge accumulated in our libraries and the shared insight of our many members here at Spirit Lodge is meant to be there for you to draw upon. It is to be passed on so that others can find their way along their path wherever it may be taking them. I love hungry students that want to feed themselves. Spirit wanted you to have this knowledge and so the Lodge serves in this capacity. It's an honor to share it with you. I don't take private students on these days as a rule of thumb because of time restraints but I do know when Spirit wants me to tend things through the Lodge and in that we are blessed to learn from each other as we go. We are all works in progress, always learning and this is about developing your own techniques formed from a solid foundation.

As long as you're comfortable talking about things in the forums it's easy to discuss your course of direction and more personal aspects of your growth. In discussion forums such as this one topics are widely varied along spiritual lines and there's no cause to hold back. The more you share the more others share with you. The more you work at understanding Native ways the more doors will open for you to pass through. Your Guides and Spirit Helpers hold the answers YOU need, they wait for you to seek them out and when you do they are more than eager to show themselves in a variety of ways. These experiences shared benefit you and the community on a whole because others can see they are not alone, they can discover another way to jiggle things through your methods perhaps, and in that possibly have breakthroughs too. We all benefit. Regardless of how many participate it's good to put discussion out there.

All it takes is the desire within to be honored and then the stepping into the study process. The first step is Air and from there everything else unfolds. Give it a try, you'll find those teachings in our Medicine Wheel Library and once you make contact I assure you that you're not going to want to stop there. It's fun, exciting and evolutionary in the experiences that await you. Be prepared for that, and the betterment of your life as a result. It does change us, but for the better and it allows us to let our own light shine a little brighter. Air being the conceptualization of things and birth of new actions allows you to focus on the Now (which is important) and keep an eye on what's coming into being for you. If you read the article on the associations of the elements and focus on Air you will familiarize yourself with the things it represents and rules over. In this way you come to understand the element itself. As you begin to delve into it more you will meet a Guide that will show you around and shamanic journeys begin taking place. That's a powerful and very useful ability to develop because it is in these journeys that we actively partake in learning from our Guides. Relationships develop, we learn about our own abilities in the process, learn to shapeshift at times, to fly or swim or envelop ourselves in the environments that our creature-teachers dwell in. Each experience takes us into deeper understanding, a feel for things, and we learn about energy, energy signatures, how to interpret the information they hold and then how to apply that knowledge. Experiences such as these bring us to periods of growth and progression while we continue to develop our understanding of the spirit worlds.

Yes, there's a great unknown out there to explore, and it takes a pioneering spirit to delve deeply into it but it's a fascinating process that leads to such wonderment. I can't encourage you enough to get to know your Guides, you have so many of them too. More than you realize, it's not just one it's a whole group of them each of us work with, and the more aware we become the greater the work we can accomplish. Each of us is here for a purpose to fulfill, a destiny to unfold, and we can pass through that blindly or with the assistance of our guidance that is more than willing to share with us. They won't do the work for you either, it's on you to do that yourself, but they will assist you in finding clarity, showing you how to go about things in keeping with your own nature, and over time you will become very comfortable with that. At first it is a little intimidating and we're a bit uneasy on how to proceed but if you take it a step at a time and remain focused everything falls into place very neatly.

There are patterns that will become clear to you…patterns in the sense of learning how things work and then how to work within those matrixes. They are so vital to understand and recognize. The Seven Sacred Directions are more than just a pattern they flow into one another and each is a portal to a spiritual realm you can explore. Those realms are populated with entities where you will make friends and experience alternate realities. Dimensional realms that open to you are fascinating and infinite in number. It all starts with meeting your Guides who will direct the way, enlighten you with information, help you map the dimensions and introduce you to countless others as you go. The deeper you delve the greater the expansion goes. The Sacred Directions contain universal truths and as such they hold together as a matrix, an overlay of how the energy or experience or manifestation of anything comes into being. When we're moving forward with something or in our own growth the spiral is clockwise, it moves from the center out and expands or evolves and our understanding and abilities with it. When we're undoing something that process reverses itself and we direct or work with energy in a counter-clockwise direction reversing the pattern. Your Guides will help you understand how that functions as you encounter them and develop your relationships. They are your greatest teachers. As you study the directions and come to know your Guides you will discover how you have lived and learned in this way all along, only now you're aware of it. You wouldn't have known it at the time because you'd not been exposed to these perceptions and encounters but once you begin to see in that way things really open up to you.

This happens all the time to people when they begin to see how they work and how one step leads to another life starts to make sense. It's the fact that we can see it actually playing out in so many ways in our own lives that gives us the validation we need to work with it though. It's awesome. The work you put into this is well worth th effort I assure you. You'll start developing such clarity that you'll be hearing clicks all over the place as the pieces come together. Once this foundation is understood you will be in the driver's seat (proverbially) and be able to go anywhere you want with it. You'll have a bevy of Guides working with you and know that you're in good hands with them. On your feet and running!

Guides come in all shapes and sizes, they are able to appear as animals, archetypal personas, Archangels, Light Beings, relatives, friends who have crossed over, Spirit Keepers of the elemental forces, Guardians of realms, GateKeepers, LoreMasters, you name it they're there for you to work with. People tend to categorize things in relation to what they're taught and our Guides will conform to the way we believe at first, true Shapeshifters they can take the form we will most readily accept. Eventually we come to understand this and can see that they are the same, just named differently. It's all semantics once you can see how they function. Now I don't want to confuse you more, but with the entities there is a hierarchy that comes into play. The 'lower worlds' denser dimensions have 'lesser' entities and as you rise upward into the 'upper worlds' you come closer to those entities that vibrate the energy of the Archangels, Ascended Masters, the White Brotherhood…whatever name you want to give them. It's something you can watch for. We have Guides to work with us on all levels. The elemental forces and their attributes will overlay the dimensions as well. They are present everywhere.

Learn to place the energy signatures of the elemental forces as a second nature. This way when they come into play you'll instantly know which element is reaching out to you and what it means when that happens. The elements themselves are sources of guidance and tell us what's going on around us once we learn to work with them. Learning means developing your sensory perceptions too and as you progress you will find the lessons have multi-layered aspects to them. You have it within you already, all the sensory tools necessary to do these things, it's not just others that can do it, you can too, but it's up to you to prove that to yourself. In learning how to utilize your sensory input beyond the mundane usage in the physical reality you'll understand your own radar clearly. The sensory impressions are so vital. You'll need to be able to recognize Air with each sense…sight, sound, scent, taste, touch, and feel of it. You have a feel for Air but get to the point where it's more than conceptual…to where you are able to define it with each of your senses so you know it that intimately. Do that with your Guides too, get to the point where you know who is present with you with your eyes closed…just like you can tell when a family member or someone close to you enters a room without looking. You have that *knowing* by the feel of their presence. Working with that brings guidance through stronger and you will have times when they appear before you visually, when you hear them, catch a scent they carry with them, can feel their touch, and more. It's just awesome.

The more you work with these steps of development the greater your awareness and understanding become. That understanding is gradual, be patient with what you are shown because your Guides will take you only as far as you can go at a given time-they take you to the point where you can 'hold' that insight and wait for you to digest it before taking you further. They are so patient with us, and more than willing to give us as much assistance as we need in getting through any particular aspect of what they teach. If they are getting testy with you, seemingly irritated with some behavioral aspect of your questioning, it's only because you are acting like a Doubting Thomas and they are tired of the repetition. It's their way of letting you know it's time to get over the doubt and press forward again, you're chasing your own tail with doubt, or you're allowing apprehension and fear to create a blockage. You know the look your mother gave you when you were over-analyzing something? It's about the same thing. That's when it's time to say "Okay, I got it, let's press forward again." then off you go.

What are your Guides like? They are a lot like people, interesting in character, fascinating in nature, and all with variances in their personalities. It's a wonderful mix, and some can be taskmasters when it comes to important lessons being presented. When we encounter that push to understand it's because there is going to be a situation or circumstances we're soon to be faced with where that knowledge will need to be applied. It's our loss if we don't heed their urgings to get on with things. All will hold only your best and highest interests at heart.

In this process you will also get to really know your Self…your Inner Spirit…because it is through that relationship to Self that the potential you hold exists. It is a cooperative effort between you and your Inner Spirit and in this light it is *all* about self-development. As you understand the elemental forces and Seven Sacred Directions those actions your Spirit Helpers take will hold so much more clarity for you. You're going to feel like you're moving ahead in leaps and bounds then. You'll start to see how all the patterns weave in and out of each other, how to recognize them and know how to work with the energy patterns, to go with them and then direct them where you need to and when you're done how to release that focus back to it's normal state and flow. It's awesome.

Understanding guidance is going to get more defined as you go. Your Guides will help you see when you need to develop something, tame your nature in some manner, act to bring about changes, observe and learn, or get hands-on training. They will take you places you've never been and show you techniques to develop your abilities. Thus, you come to see how to walk the path you're taking in life with greater clarity and gain a whole new spiritual social circle to go with it..

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