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Spiritual Interpretation/Communication
By CinnamonMoon

I wanted to address something that keeps coming up here from time to time as to how to "know" you are on the right path, getting confirmation on spiritual levels, and communicating with your Inner Spirit, Guides and Spirit Helpers.

I've touched on a lot of these issues and we've all discussed it, but working with a client of mine I had to put it in that proverbial nutshell today. Seeing it all written out made me think of how many people here in the community might make use of that picture and expedite their own journeys. So I share with you now. :paw :paw :paw :paw Please follow along.

The feelings we experience, the sensations, emotions, thoughts, and perceptions are all voices. A new language or one you've taken for granted or perhaps even chosen to ignore, it is critical to spiritual understanding. We are so often told the answers to all our deep questions are within us. They are. But not always as instant understanding because we're looking for them as we hunt and explore in the physical reality. This is different. While those skills remain a part of the process, the tools shift.

Initially there is a sense of awkwardness about it, a sense of needing to second guess ourselves or attribute what we are perceiving to be imagination gone wildly vivid. The TRUTH of the matter is that we need to learn to TRUST our impressions and as we de we find they are manifesting validations over time. Little by little that level of trust begins to grow and that's how we come to "know" the things we do. Psychic ability or extrasensory perceptions (ESP) is merely expanding the senses that extra mile and using them like radar to read a situation or issue.

As we experience things in life and encounter new experiences the sensations of past lessons arise to warn us of things we need to be aware of. This, if ignored or discounted, creates an atmosphere of fear surrounding you that must be pushed through to get to the clarity of the issue and allow those fears to dissolve. That begins with you...trusting your Self...your Inner Self, and your Guides.

You need to take note of them as your Inner Spirit or your own Guides speaking to you. That's how they move through us. When I'm doing a reading for someone and they want to impress me with an issue or truth they'll send waves of sensation through me and I literally "feel" the situation. We all have Guides and I'd love for you to connect with yours. Trusting the sensations or impressions you have is the first step. It opens the door so to speak and it allows that voice to grow louder.

Eventually you'll start seeing visions or images; hearing either internally/telepathically or externally/a soft to firm voice. Once that begins you're really on your way to some very beneficial insights into areas of your life as you need them.

Our Guides are with us at all times and communicate in this way with our Inner Spirit so that the message comes through it to us and it uses the senses and emotions to speak. Most often people feel it and attribute that to "intuition" but that's only a term, the reality is that it's our link to the spiritual realms and by trusting what rises up within us we learn our way to entering them. It's like an internal bridge.

Anyway, most often people experience their links in dreams first. One's higher self, speaking to another's higher self; introductions to our Guides and Spirit Helpers, messages from spirit coming through. Why? Because in the dream state the logical mind (trapped in the perspective of the physical reality and limited to accepting that) does not expect things to be relative to the physical reality there and so it does not argue what happens. It doesn't cloud our judgement or our perceptions.

Another reason is that because the mind is relaxed and not "on guard" our Spirit Helpers can explore our mind using the symbology we relate to as a means of conveying important messages or drawing our attention to issues we need to examine. They "get through to us".

What do you do with that? Well you tear it apart and assimilate the symbolic meanings, the actions and scenarios that tell us things. Validation is not always ours to witness but when you know there's no doubt and over time we have enough validations along the way to know we can trust ourselves for the truth.

Learn to read your Dreams. Those feelings and sensations are a familiar/similar experience to what you are passing through now and in that you hear the voice when they rise up. You'll know deep inside when there is something deceiving you, or when something is going to happen, or when you are being given insight into a matter.

Interacting on a spiritual level with others you know in life can come in the dream state, on journeys, or in many other manifestations. It's a "feeling" of that person's presence around you, an energy signature, and you know who's there because you feel them. Sometimes it's quite clear and you can see them but you know.

If it feels like Mom it is Mom. You see? When we Dream someone we initially "feel" their presence. It's like you are sitting at the computer and a family member comes softly up behind you, you know it's them, you don't have to turn around, if it were anyone else you'd know it wasn't a family member too. You'd know who was there by the presence of their energy signature. You just feel them because they are familiar to you and you know them intimately on some level, they let you into intimate space because of your relationship with them (their auric field) and that sense is familiar enough to you that you read them as present. It's the same with our Guides, Totems and other Spirit Helpers once we get to know them. You simply know their touch.

Think about it what I'm saying here and you'll know your senses are right on the nose. Work with it, be conscious of it in your daily life too. Assimilate this knowledge and practice with it so you can allow your inner knowing to gain a stronger voice and learn to trust what it's telling you.

In life and experience we must explore them (consciously or not so it may as well be conscious choice) through the Seven Sacred Directions and sense those experiences through the elemental forces present within us: Air/Mind and Conception, Fire/Trust and Exploration, Water/Emotion and Relationships, Earth/Heart and Foundation to get to the unified understanding of the whole experience.

In this way we go through a form of alignment. Through passage and experiences with those energies it balances you. It allows you to know your truths and thus your reality and embrace them. It gives you permission to work with your Self and thus become that Spiritual Warrior we all hear so much about. With this in mind think of the things you've felt on a much more subtle level until now. See how they are revealing those truths and validating your feelings.

Deja Vu experiences are a reflection of spiritual events that have taken place. We Dream our life first and then we live it. We are the Dreamers that become our Dreams. Let me share a little chant with you that you may want to experience before going to sleep at night. Sing-song it like a lullaby. The spiraling into the center of the shield is going within yourself.

Spiraling into the center, the center of my shield.
Spiraling into the center, the center of my shield.
I am the Weaver, I am the Woven One.
I am the Dreamer, I am the Dream.
I am the Weaver, I am the Woven One.
I am the Dreamer, I am the Dream.

Then at that point you can focus on the subject you want to Dream or the work you want to do to seed your life. Try it. I think you'll like it.

Feelings of being deceived or misled in some way are warnings. We're not to fear them, we're to use that insight to seek deeper knowledge of the situation knowing we can't trust in it as it appears. Often those feelings relate to an experience in the past because it's a similar situation and you'd recognize the truth of it. Do you see how your inner spirit and Guides use your own knowledge and reactions to convey messages? Only this time (or the present situation) applies to the immediate present and the issue you are addressing.

I want to talk about disguise or one spirit coming to you appearing to be another as this can and does happen (though in really rare situations). You may see or feel one image but actually know it's more akin to another you know...it's like dressing up an energy signature. It just doesn't feel right in appearance. Trust that. Go with what you know and trust it. Later it will validate that truth in some way and allow you not to be deceived.

By paying attention to sensations and the perceptions they produce you are learning to "assimilate" spiritually, and this is a sign of manifesting spiritual growth. It's telling you that you are raising your conscious awareness to attune to the spiritual. It happens in personal ways at first, so we can see it's validations and use it to fix our own life in some necessary way. As we get accustomed to this process and working with it we start expanding it outwardly to "read" other more distant relationships and eventually use it as a second nature radar system.

The initial strain or awkwardness of doing these things is directly related to you level of spiritual experiences in the past. The more you trust your Self the less strain there is. It's the strained honesty of the moment. Your emotions being stable at that news tell you it's okay and simply a matter of you seeing into a matter clearly. Then with clarity and carry over of insight into the physical reality strained issues can dissolve themselves.

You know, sometimes when we dream it's just normal stuff being sorted out because our minds need order. But in this type of dream it's much different. It isn't jumbled pieces that are totally unrelated, but a strong focus and you feel that intensity. The senses kicking in, the emotional awareness, this tells you that the Dream is significant and not just you watching things work out. These are things you need to work out and you're being shown how and more or less what to say through your Guides and/or Inner Spirit.

This is what you need to do to restore your acceptance of the truth of the matter once and for all. You'll be seeing that validated soon enough. But it's an acceptance level your spirit is telling you is necessary to achieve. It's all a process of assimilation for you. You are resolving an emotional state, but now in a very healthy attitude and perspective...one of understanding.

As we pass through the understanding of each elemental force through experience we can use that inner reflection to create balance in our relationships with others through spiritual love and understanding. It cleans the picture up and we're able to set aside emotional constraints and accept truths. It allows you to "see" those truths, accepting them for what they are and thus resolving your issues so you can move on into the future that is waiting for you.

We all pass through elemental forces as we learn our lessons, we go through mental struggles, through passionate sensations, through emotional issues, and then we come back to our foundations and sustenance we find in our hearts where truths reside. It's a full circle cycle and everything in life relates to it. Mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual levels of understanding so we can understand the whole.

There are times the Universe orchestrates that in your life by giving you a reason to go through certain experiences, nudging you to explore something and through that see illusions shattered and reality of truth emerge. Usually that's in the School of Hard Knocks though and we learn through trial and error what to do or what not to do. That experience, while disguised as another, proves to be a greater journey than you realized and the quality of your life becomes quite evident where all relationships are concerned.

As your perspective takes the high road, it allows you a higher form of awareness and with that greater understanding.

The elemental forces at play in life and in our lives are the cycles of life we have to pass through again and again on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis in all capacities. It's all part of the whole. See it and work with it and you are going with the flow of that energy, your path is less cumbersome and you easily by-pass the majority of obstacles seeing ahead and going around them or just dealing with them clearly and consciously through this understanding. When you sense a need for forward motion and change it is (as a rule) because it's coming to you soon and you will explore that option...more than likely within the season if not the year. Then it's time to Dance the Wheel with that need to clarify the changes that are near. As a question and you'll find the answer there. This is good and healthy. In this way you don't need others to advise you, it's not needing to run away from something, it's confronting it/fears and you'll resolve these issues fast.

Then that forward motion will come into being. When change comes chaos marks it. Your mind, passions, emotions, and your very foundations enter into a state of chaos for awhile. And that's okay. It tells you things are up in the air as the storm stirs them and that as the dust settles and the air clears you'll see what's coming. Some things are blown away...they move out of our life, others re-settle themselves and take their places. It is what it is and will be what it will be.

We all kick and scream until we can understand this process. Understanding brings a level of self-control. We can't control the actions of others but we try until we realize that the only control we have is over the Self. Once understood we relax, we learn to read the signs around us, we learn how the whole of life can and does communicate things to us and we learn to trust in it.

Find your way to Spirit, cross the bridge of doubt, find the light within you to follow, and accept that presence as reality in your life. Walk your own path in life with understanding instead of confusion. We all put our lives on hold while we sort them out. Along the way we get hit you with reality and truth, but it's the judgmental portion that hurts and gives rise to fear of future pain. We can avoid a lot of that just trusting in ourselves and our hearts to know what's right for us. It may not be another's reality, truth, or path, but it's ours and that's our responsibility.

This leads us all to understanding and tolerance. It serves the greater whole when we take control of ourselves and grow. We contribute then. At the foundation of it all is Spirit's love for us and when we can see that we have all the answers within us or the capability to find them, we realize that love seeded us with great abilities....(try the other 90% of the brain no one knows what to do with) and we have only to exercise them to build our spiritual/psychic muscles.

Don't take what you haven't accomplished as a personal flaw at all. You're not doing anything any other person hasn't done. It's all timed to awareness and your ability to see that. So you are in the right place, at the right time, to grow and explore your Self. Live in the Now, learn from the past, see into your future, but walk the path you are on and it will unfold as it should. Be patient. You'll get there and meanwhile enjoy it through practicing and honing your gifts and abilities. They are your tools in life.

In closing here's a ditty for you:

Isn't it strange that Princes and Kings,
And Clowns that caper in sawdust rings,
And common people like you and me,
are builders for eternity?

Each is given a bag of tools,
A shapeless mass, a book of rules,
And each must make, 'ere life has flown,
A stumbling block...or a stepping stone.

I hope this is a stepping stone for those who need it.

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