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Realms of Dimension & Their Inhabitants
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What are dimensional realms? They are the spirit worlds that exist in an ascending order of successive states which can be perceived through heightened states of awareness. While I've discussed the Below, Middle, and Above Worlds in the Medicine Wheel articles and exercises, those are merely the three main categories to initiate exploration. Each of these worlds has many layers to it, like peeling back the layers in a bundle of tissue paper, their veils are parted to reveal more depth and understanding as we explore them. Some see them as spheres, I see them as penetrations. The higher order of spirit worlds is less dense and more difficult to perceive than the lower ones because they become "more spiritual" in form, more energetic than physical as you rise into them. From the level of the physical earth they are invisible. Each of these worlds are inhabited by entities that populate them and can teach us things. They exist in spirit form but are just as real as we are, they simply have a different form by which they manifest themselves.

Nearest the earth are the earthbound spirits, bound here due to not being able to recognize that they have undergone a sudden and unexpected death, or old attachments to work that was not accomplished, a wrong that needs to be brought into the light of truth...perhaps a murder victim, and their ignorance of their pathway out of that state of being to rise up from it. These are the spirits that haunt and taunt at times, or wander lost. There are many among us who serve them by taking them into the light of Spirit so they can move on. There are also spirits in this realm that will bring news to us from those relatives who have passed on. Their communication comes through a medium or spiritual advisor, through dreams, and through visions that appear to overlay the physical reality. They can appear as an apparition or what some might call a "ghost"...the transparent form of one who once walked among us.

On the extreme end of this spectrum are the celestial realms, these are worlds or light and harmony inhabited by more evolved spirits. The higher the evolution and energy of the individual entity the higher they gravitate to the celestial (Above World) realms. As the spirit of each person evolves it rises higher into these celestial realms, and continues the growth begun here in the physical sense in what many call the "afterlife".

While each tradition of spiritual perception teaches us about them they are described in various ways with common traits that let us see how the facts remain basically the same and the breakdown is merely a way of definition. An example of this is clear when you look at my definition of 3 categories with the Above, Middle, and Below Worlds as compared to the Astral Realms which are said to have 7 Planes each with many sublayers. While these definitions seem at first to be contrary they are not. They are merely expressing stages of evolution or heightened perceptions through increasing or decreasing the rate of vibration we hold...our thoughts elevate us into these realms or bring us back down out of them. In the body of our Inner Spirit and conscious awareness attending it we can journey to these realms through projection. You may want to call it a shamanic journey as I do or you may want to call it astral projection. The two are basically the same thing.

The truths about these realms of dimension are basic, simple, and clear once understanding is achieved. We, as thinking and processing minds in the human condition tend to complicate it by descriptions that become interwoven. Experience will teach us far more and because it is a spiritual experience putting it into words trying to describe an intangible experience is difficult. We all perceive a little differently, in ways that are unique to us, so when we express our experiences we have to do so in ways that we can find associations and analogies that others can embrace based on our own perception structure. Humans complicate the simplest of things and I prefer to simplify matters for that reason. It's sort of like saying life is the experience of existence on this Earth Plane, or here in the Middle World; another person might say that it has many levels of experience from poverty to great wealth that determines the experiences we are able to achieve; another might say life is what you make it, you can dream great and achieve great things by believing in your dreams and making them a reality; another might say simply that as a man conceives, and believes, he can achieve; or you'll find those that say we each have our own reality here for it is through our perception of life that we exist in it. Who's right? Who's wrong? How do you know? The answers and truths are found through spiritual development and enlightenment, and they are experienced daily by those who try to convey their experiences to others in whatever way they can. Hence, when gathering information on these issues we find ourselves in a very weighted array of resources. I can only tell you that you have to find what makes sense to you, the path of understanding that speaks to you and follow it.

From the point of life here on Earth and the physical experience, we are evolving, rising upward and raising our conscious awareness as we go. With that we "ascend" and after the physical experience we enter the Spirit Worlds according to our level of understanding to continue to learn, serve, and grow in the "afterlife". As we grow there we may find that we need to re-experience life to complete a lesson or some level of understanding and do so through the process of reincarnation. If, when we attain a state of development that is more spiritually orientated or evolved, that is an issue that is no longer necessary and we simply continue to exist rising up through the "layers", "planes", or worlds of dimension in our evolution. Sort of like the Christian perception of rising to sainthood or angelic existence. It's a continual process of learning to gain knowledge so that we can raise our energy vibration and learning to love unconditionally so that evolution can take place for as we do this we become more aware of our place as a part of the Whole.

In Christian terms there are 9 choirs of Angels. Each with a realm they oversee, each with tasks they are to undertake in their role of serving Spirit. In looking at the Angelic Hosts we still find the beings of myth and folklore that present themselves now with different names, but similar descriptions. The Spirit Keepers of the elemental forces become the Archangels, but their rulership over their domain, the things they teach, the lessons we learn from them remain basically the same. It's really semantics and where we stand in our own perceptions as to what we are able to embrace. The Angelic Hosts range from those that inspire love to armies of heavenly warriors.

In Jewish perception there are 10 divine names reflecting the attributes of these angelic hosts, what they hold sway over, and as I present them here you will see that they also relate to the Spirit Helpers that are presented in the Native traditions as Spirit Keepers within the Medicine Wheel and Seven Sacred Directions as well as their teachings. (Insight here taken from the Encyclopedia of Occultism to define the 10 divine names for you.)

1) Jehovah, attributed to God the Father, being the pure and simple essence of the divinity, flowing through Hajoth Hakados to the angel Metratton and to the ministering spirit, Reschith Hajalalim, who guides the premium mobile, and bestows the gift of being on all. These names are to be understood as pure essences, or as spheres of angels, and blessed spirits, by whose agency the divine providence extends to all his works.

2) Jah, attributed to the perons of the Messiah or Logos, whose power and influence descends through the angel Masleh into the sphere of the Zodiac. This is the spirit or word that actuated the chaos, and ultimately produced the four elements, and all creatures that inherit them, by the agency of a spirit named Raziel, who was the ruler of Adam.

3) Ehjeh, attributed to the Holy Spirit, whose divine light is received by the angel Sabbathi, and communicated from him through the sphere of Saturn. It denotes the beginning of the supernatural generation, and hence of all living souls.

The ancient Jews considered the three superior names which are those above, to be attributed to the divine essence as personal or proper names, while the seven following denote the measures (middoth) or attributes which are visible in the works of God. But the modern Jews, in opposition to the tipersonalists, consider the whole as attributes. Maurice makes the higher three denote the heavens, and the succeeding the seven planets or worlds, to each of which a presiding angel was assigned. (*Note the Seven Sacred Directions in correlation here.)

4) El, strength, power, light, through which flow grace, goodness, mercy, piety, and numificence to the angel Zadkiel, and passing through the sphere of Jupiter fashioning the images of all bodies, bestowing clemency, benevolence and justice on all.

5) Elohi, the upholder of the sword and left hand of God. Its influence penetrates the angel Geburah (or Gamaliel) and descends through the sphere of Mars. It imparts fortitude in times of war and affliction.

6) Tsebaoth, the title of God as Lord of hosts. The angel is Raphael, through whom its mighty power passes into the sphere of the sun, giving motion, heat and brightness to it.

7) Elion, the title of God as the highest. The angel is Michael. The sphere to which he imparts its influence is Mercury, giving benignity, motion and intelligence, with elegance and consonance of speech.

8) Adonai, master or lord, governing the angel Haniel, and the sphere of Venus.

9) Shaddai, the virtue of this name is conveyed by Cherubim to the angel Gabriel, and influences the sphere of the moon. It causes increase and decrease, and rules the jinn and protecting spirits.

10) Elohim, the source of knowledge, understanding and wisdom, received by the angel Jesodoth, and imparted to the sphere of the earth.

9 Choirs of Angels

Three Heirarchies exist comparatively the Above, Middle, and Below Worlds of the shamanic perspective are reflected here.

In the Above World or first hierarchal tier are:

1) Seraphim: The highest of the nine choirs of angels. It is the from the word saraph, to burn, and means also means serpent. (Think Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden). They hold the energy of zealous burning love, fearless of anything else, they are the first Choir of angels the Supreme Hierarchy of Angels. They are described as surrounding the throne of God having a set of six wings and singing constantly the hymn:" Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God of hosts." The primary duty of the Seraphim is to love God and to sing without ceasing. Saint Jerome states that Seraphim, translated from the Greek, means the inflaming ones, or, the burning ones. Because of their name, they are regarded as the spirits of divine love. The Seraphim are the first Choir of the Supreme Hierarchy.

2) Cherubim: The 2nd of 9 choirs of angels. They are the heavenly custodians and protectors of holy places and things. Another duty of the cherubim is that of being the throne bearers of God. In Isaiah Chapter 37:16 we find: "O Lord of hosts, God of Israel enthroned upon the cherubim! You alone are God over all the kingdoms of the earth." They are considered keepers of knowledge in plenitude because they are filled with a knowledge which is most perfect since they are allowed to behold the Glory of God most closely. They are often described as partly human in form, child-like bodies with wings and eyes before and behind them. Sometimes being depicted as winged animal forms of which there are four: a lion, a calf, a man, and an eagle. Sometimes described with two faces.

3) Thrones: Sacred Scripture does not reveal much about this Angelic Choir. They are referred to in sharing the throne of God with the Seraphim and Cherubim being the third and lowest Choir of the first and highest Hierarchy. Because of their close proximity to God, the light of the divine mysteries is brought to them before the rest of the Angelic Choirs.

The second hierarchal tier or Middle World Choirs are:

4) Dominions: Sometimes called the Dominations. According to Dionysius the Areopagite, the Dominions enjoy a certain unbounded elevation and freedom from all that is terrestial, and from all inward inclination to the bondage of discord. They are true lords and wholly give themselves to the Source of Lordship. They are the first Choir of the Middle Hierarchy. If memory serves me well here these are the Dragons.

5) Virtues: The name of the Angelic Choir of Virtues signifies a certain powerful and unshakeable courage; never falling away from the divine life through its own weakness, but ascending unwaveringly to the Source of all Virtue. The lower Choirs receive the gift of virtue from this Choir. The Virtues are the second Choir of the Middle Hierarchy.

6) Powers: The name of the Powers is found in Sacred Scripture in St. Paul's letters to the Ephesians, Chapter 1:21: "...far above every principality, authority, power and dominion,..." The name of the Powers signifies an orderly and unconfined order in the divine realm and the regulation of intellectual and supernatural power. This Choir leads those below it to the Supreme Source of Power. The Powers are the third and last Choir of the Middle Hierarchy.

The third hierarchal tier or Below World Choirs are:

7) Principalities: The name of the Principalities signifies their God-like princeliness and authoritativeness in an order which is holy and most fitting to the princely powers. They are formed, as far as creatures can, in the likeness of the Source of Principality and reveal Its transcendent order by the good order of the princely powers. The Principalities are the first Choir of the Lower Hierarchy.

8) The Archangels are probably the best known of all the angels, with the exception of the choir of Angels. These are angels of power, wisdom and holiness and they are the leaders among the Angels and superior to them. The name "Archangel" is predominantly given to four beings: Michael, Raphael, Uriel, and Gabriel. The exalted position attributed to St. Michael can be explained by the fact that, even though he belongs to a relatively low order by nature, his outstanding zeal for the Glory of God and the salvation of his fellow Angels, at the time of Satan's rebellion, merited such glory and power as to equal and even excel through grace such celestial spirits that belong to a much higher choir by nature. He is God's enforcer and battle lord. There are others mentioned as well: Raguel, Sariel, and Jeremiel which would tie in with the Spirit Keepers of the Seven Sacred Directions. They form the host of ministers in heaven. They do battle for God on Earth as well, and fight the forces of Darkness. The Archangels are the second Choir of the Lower Hierarchy.

9) Angels: The Angels are the lowest choir of the hierarchies. Their name signifies their mission: messengers. They are more directly in contact with visible and earthly things than all the other Angels. This also means that by their nature and duties they are closer to man than any other celestial spirit. It is from this choir that the Guardian Angels/Spirits are ordinarily found, though they can come from higher levels. They chiefly serve in role of Guides and Protectors of individuals souls/Inner Spirits while they are in human form. They are the third Choir of the Lower Hierarchy.

As you can see by the "levels" of angelic beings, or spiritual entities in these examples, our inner spirits must rise closer to Spirit to be worthy of their company and to envision them. This is also representative of the dimensions over which they preside, and the higher our spiritual vibration the higher we arise to awareness of them and the worlds in which they reside.

In terms of Astral Planes, and depending on who you talk to, there are between 7 and 9 different planes, all containing 7 sub-divisions that can also be subdivided further. In shamanic teachings there are 7 main realms that correlate to these divisions presented here and in Pagan teachings they are mainly focused on the elemental divisions inhabited by the Sylphs of Air/Faeries, Salamanders of Fire/Jinn, Undines of Water/Merpeople, and the Gnomes of Earth/Sprites. They have their own hierarchies as well, with leaders seen as their Kings with the entities of those respective realm being subject to them. Greek teachings take them further and into the Zodiac of the Jewish traditions as well where dimensionally speaking each planet represents the influences of these dimensional realms or spirit worlds. Mythological beasts hence having a beginning in dimensional realms, are also among these spirits that can and often are encountered in visions and journey work.

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