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Lightning Figures
By Blaze

I was wondering if anyone could give me an explanation of figures shapes in lightning? A couple of years ago lightning struck near our home and i seen stray lightning flash in a orange burst and there seemed to be a humanly form within it. Does anyone have a metaphysical explanation for this? Megwetch Blaze

I don't know what it's called, but I know that if you look at the flames from a fire you will see "people" in them. My husbands seen this type of thing first hand. It's eerie because some of the fire scenes you see that have been fatalities.

In lightning I'd say you're seeing the Thunderbeings, in the elemental forces of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth you're going to see the elemental beings that inhabit those realms. There are articles in the Library on ThunderBeings, elemental forces and spirits if you care to peruse

Wow! Monkeyrat that IS eerie(goosebumps) I have never heard of this before. It’s one of those things that would make someone question or wonder. Whether these are guides, angels, the deceased or elemental beings?? I didn’t sense that this form was actually a human or too "humanly" only humanly in shape. I glad you mentioned this. Much Thanks and light your way.

Cinnamon Moon, I went back and read about the Thunderbeings and this made some sense to me, I have always believed that storms were courtship and unions between Father Sky and Mother Earth. I didn’t know that was a belief that many NA embraced. I had heard of the Thunderbeings before but didn’t know much about them. It is possible that this was a ThunderBeing. I'll have to read up some more on this subject! Megwetch and light your way

I'm so glad you found the articles helpful. I hope you'll share what you learn about the ThunderBeings with us too as there are various cultures that believe in them (semantics change some but it would be relative to storm entities).

Hey MR, I've read recently in more than one source that in ancient times it was believed that the stars were the equivalent today to what we would call angels, and lightning was one of their means of travel/transmitting their Will to Earth and Creator's children on the Earth Mother. This was later translated into the Watcher stories that are found in the Gnostic Book of Enoch, and that appear in Genesis when it states that "spirits of the air" came down and gave children to the women of Earth. From my reading, the Archangel Lumiel (who is reputedly the Archangel of the Earth Plane) is particularly associated with this means of transmitting Knowledge to the Children of Earth. So from ancient religious traditions, to have seen a figure in the lightning might imply that angelic forces are working on your behalf to bring forward some knowledge that is required at this time.

It might also imply that you can call on angelic forces. To me the elements of Air (Higher/Spiritual Mind: East) and Earth (physical mind: North) are prominent here: Spiritual Mind informing physical mind and the lightning is the link. It could portend new beginnings or the start of a journey (east) that will bring Wisdom (north). Just my thoughts MR: if they do not sit well with you, let them float by on the wind.

Fluffy Bunny Warrior, sorry my last post gave you goosebumps, my husbands a firefighter and among them things like that (seeing "people" in the flames) is normal. I never knew about it either until we were watching video of one they'd been too and he pointed it out, now I find myself almost "looking" for it. It's not like they're real people, but a fluid humanly image. I admit the first time I saw one of them it made my skin crawl as he explained what it was, but I just except it as part of him and I'm okay with it. Anyway, sorry I gave you goosebumps,

MR, Not a problem, I find some of the most intriguing, interesting stuff in the world gives me goosebumps RFSW This makes a lot of sense too. I don't think it had to do with having another child though but more about the angelic beings bringing knowledge, I even think it may have been more "guidance" related because at that time I definitely needed some other world guidance and or a sign. I don't want to get into too much detail but there was a lot of stuff going on with myself at the time, when the lightning struck near the edge of our property probably 150-200ft. away, this burst/figure appeared just outside the window I was looking out.

My goosebumps are coming back again LOL. I'll be doing more research about these kinds of things and beliefs for while that’s for sure. I'll post what I find later on. Now that I know where to start to look. Thank You all very much shining down on you.

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